Best university for deaf studies in US/Canada


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Dec 28, 2014
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Hi AD,

This is Sayee Kishan from India. I am completely deaf. I studied Bachelor of Commerce. I have totally 7 years job experience. I am looking for study master in US/Canada. Which best university for deaf studies and also good job opportunities? Name of city? Please help. :hmm:
Try looking here:

You may want to try:
• Gallaudet University - Washington, District of Columbia (USA)
• Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - Rochester, New York (USA)
• California State University, Northridge - Northridge, California (USA)
• California State University Fresno - Fresno, California (USA)
• etc.. do research

As some of the universities above have an established/experienced program in MS/MA Deaf Studies. Some locations may have higher cost of living due to the location they are in, so maybe you might want to factor that in as well. As for jobs, I would think in this time in the US economy, it's not so much the school you go to, but where the opportunities and jobs are available.

Washington, DC (city) may have the most deaf-friendlier opportunities since it's the center of the federal government for USA and the US Office of Personnel Management tries to advocate the applicants of individuals considered disabled (e.g. deaf) with the excepted hiring authority called Schedule A. Not all US departments are eligible for Sch. A, so it can be limited in scope.

However, I am not sure if you need to be a US citizen or naturalization requirements to be eligible, you may need to research more on it.