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Sep 3, 2005
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Hi everyone, my name is Joe Brent, and I'm new here. I was the fiddle player in the national tour of the Broadway show Big River, and while on tour, I picked up some conversational sign language, and still hang out with many of the amazing people I met from the cast. I'd like to continue my education, but don't really have the time to attend classes, as I'm now playing in another show. Does anyone know how to get in touch with an ASL tutor in the New York area? I live in the city, and work in midtown. Anyone here who wants to contact me directly can email me at joebrent at earthlink dot net, or look for joefbrent on AIM. Thank you!
:wave: first off welcome to AD joebrent and enjoy ur stay! :D

secondly to answer ur question -- i sure do know someone up there in the area who was an ASL teacher for several years -- i can get in touch with her and have her get in touch with u abt her possibly tutoring u in ASL
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Dear Joe Brent

You could post a request for a deaf tutor on the following sites:

You can find more tutoring resources at my geocities website
with the following URLS:
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