Anyone went to DePaul Institute for the Deaf In Pgh


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Feb 13, 2007
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It has been quite a few yrs since I left DePaul Institute School for the Deaf in Brookline Pa which resided in Pittsburgh.

I am looking for my loooooooooong lost friends from there. I lost touch with my best friend Sarah Sempf until a year ago we met up at Eat N Park when she was visiting Pgh from Rochester Ny. She was going to school there. She now moved to Fresno Cali.

But I wanted to know who all went to Depaul institute. Many were from Wva, Pa, Ny, Ohio, and Md that came to that school. Some left there and went to St. Marys in Ohio to graduate.

Thank you all for reading this.
Was at that school but never as student :-D The only school I went when I was kid is the one on Swissvale ave!
I went school in DePaul School in Pittsburgh... I went from 1978-1982.

I moved to West Virginia and went to all public school...

Small world, I never did like that school, Too many problems and my mom wished she took me out and went me to Risensien School in East Libirty.
I know alot only went for few yrs and then left there. I was there for 15 yrs. That is a long time. I really was supposed to graduate from High school in 1996 or 1995 not 1997
yea, that interesting to know that some ppl in alldeaf went to that school.. hehe :giggle:
i went there at 1979-1982. was there only for 3 years then moved to Motown and started in public school in 1st grade at 6 years old..
Are you talking about Chris Spalla. Joey, the name is familiar but I know too many. lol

I remember Sr Justina, Mr Dave, Mrs Roxanne. I remember the day clearly that my mom dropped me off in Mr Dave's room. I screamed and cried for my mom while he held me to calm me down. He felt so bad for me that day. He spent the whole afternoon with me.

I always ran into him when I worked at Giant Eagles in West Mifflin. He was still married to Mrs Roxanne until the year I quit in 97 they were getting a Divorce.

Here is Sr. Justina with Michelle Halloran.

Here is me in 79 I think in the nursery.

Me and my Aunt in 79 at the old county Jail in Downtown pgh. My grandparents, my uncle and 2 aunts lived there for awhile since my grandfather was the last warden in there.

Here is me in the Christmas Play either 81 or 82

Me again in 83

Here is the group shot. From Left to Right.
Rene Visco, Me, Carmalita, Girl unknown, Jackie, and Dana Mingone
I will have to find old pictures from DePaul.. I believe my sister has pictures with other people in....

I will have to go to my mom and find them...
Its got to be interesting.

I need to email Miss Peggy Barry to see if she has any pics too. I think she was there from 82 on. I could be wrong.
OMG - That photo brings back so many memories of DePaul. I will tell Dana to look at the site and the photo.
Hi! I didn't go to the DePaul school, but I live right next door to you! I'm from Follansbee, WV and I'm in the IDP program at JCC in Steubenville. Have you ever attended any of the silent events there? I haven't yet, but I'm planning to.
Saskatoon history old town deaf mainstreming

I disappointment to closed shut down on school deaf. I know people deaf not happy to Government to control order you wiped off kick out in school. I am shocked.

I don't believe long time history closed shut down from Government is meaning to inslut to Deaf school mainstreaming fair to people.

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I know Jackie Frye really well, we kept in touch.. She is good and living with a guy in North Carolina.

Tenshi-Hime, please PM me...
Hey guys, sorry for not being on here so long. I forgot what my user name was here and it was Tenshi-Hime. lol that is ok I am keeping what I have now.

I'll pm you now.
I went school in DePaul School in Pittsburgh... I went from 1978-1982.

I moved to West Virginia and went to all public school...

Hello....I went to DePaul Institute in 1973 to 1983. Do we know each other? My name is Jeanne, by the way.