1. HRissa

    New here!

    Hi hi ! I just joined so I hope I’m doing this correctly lol. I am 21 yrs old ( just turned this March). Im into a lot of different stuff so feel free to ask me anything. I’ve been learning ASL on and off for a couple years now. 2 1/2 yrs in highschool and currently taking my second asl class...
  2. OffensiveVibes

    New Signer, I'm hearing and need ASL ppls to practice with :3

    Hey Im Maryam, Im an ASL student, but we havent really gone in deapth with learbinf signs. Most of what i know is from free videos on youtube. I want to practice and make a few ASL/hoh/deaf friends also. No one in my close circle of family is deaf, but I want to learn ASL because it intrueges...
  3. E


    Hi there! I am based in the UK and I am 22! I decided to join today because I’ve learnt that I need to become more accepting of my hearing loss, I have severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. I wear hearing aids in both and I’ve had a very very bumpy story with my hearing loss. I’m the...