1. F

    gaming technology for deaf people

    Hi, I am working on a software that allows deaf people to have a visual representation of the sounds in a game. We are doing some research on if this service is wanted by the target audience, so it would be great if you would take about 2 minutes to fill out this form...
  2. vxs8122

    Welcoming Deaf players to a Minecraft server!

    Hello everyone! I am hosting a Minecraft (Java) Realm in Survival mode and I welcome anyone from the Deaf community who want to try out playing on it. Restrictions would be no killing, no raiding, and no griefing. It should be a place where anyone can relax, do some boss fights together, or...
  3. O

    Volunteers needed: the impact of online computer games on mental health: parents of primary school

    Dear, I am a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde. I am studying the role of Minecraft or Autcraft in education. I am trying to find how Minecraft can be used to help children engage, learn socially and playfully, and to become a part of a community. I am interested in how this could be...
  4. yizuman

    Anyone Watch Twitch Tv Gaming Streams?

    Anyone like watching I play there almost every night from between 3 PM to 12 Midnight EST (time varies). Currently I am playing Farming Simulator 2015. If there's any deaf gamers out there that likes to chat about games, please feel free to drop by at my stream when I am playing...