asl 1 class

  1. W

    let’s be friends/study buddies :)

    hey, i’m wren, i’m 16 years old and i live in wisconsin. i’m currently doing asl classes online through my school, so i don’t really have classmates to practice with but i know that interacting with people that are deaf/hoh or at least fluent in asl is pretty important to learning sign. i have...
  2. I

    How do I get involve in the Deaf community?

    Hey! My name is Itala and I’m taking ASL classes in college, the course ends this semester and I’ve been thinking of ways to keep up with ASL and keep learning, I would like to get involve in the Deaf community and meet new people. My professor recommended going to Deaf events but because of...
  3. StarsDance

    Hearing student learning asl

    Hello! I'm a student in my first ASL class. I was given a research assignment and chose the topic of hearing dogs/service dogs. I was wondering if anyone here had any information or any opinions on hearing dogs. It would be very helpful!