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  1. Lily7

    How Do You Sign This Word?

    How do you sign "agnostic"?
  2. Lily7

    Speech-To-Text Options In Classroom?

    Whew! And here I was all ready to come in guns a-blazin'.. LOL I am a bit scarred from the troubles I had with accommodation in school growing up. But I am really glad they are not going to take away her interpreter. There is just so much an interpreter offers that NO software EVER could. :)
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    Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp in music video using ASL!

    Just so I don't make the same mistake... "appear" is with the ONE hand turned out, "tampon" is with the ONE hand turned in, right?
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    HOW TO: Use Deafness to Your Advantage

    I tried this once. I am not sure if they were mormons, jehovah's witnesses, or what, one of those traveling soliciting types, lol Anyway after I bought my first house they came to the door. I can read lips and speak well, but I shook my head and pointed at my ears and shut the door. A...
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    Is your hearing with your CI good enough to speak on the phone?

    When I was being "trained" to hear on the phone, I found that for some reason landline phones were just too difficult. No matter what type of phone I used. I could only hear enough to even try to learn to use a phone with a cell phone. No idea why, but I know I am not the only one, as my AVT...
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    Wrestling with Angels

    Feel free to poke and prod me all you want, I've been sick for 10+ years and saw so many doctors I ran out of money and still don't have an answer. :giggle: :D Oh wait, we're talking about deafness. Damn! Nevermind. :lol: My point, here, though... is that I understand the need to poke and...
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    Like Robin, I wish for the world to become one giant hippie commune, too. :D
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    GREAT IDEA! I am totally doing that next time it happens to me. Hilarious, but still makes a point.
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    I haven't flown since my early 20's, but I flew a lot my whole life before then. My mom always insisted on telling the airline people that I was deaf. I don't know why, I guess she hoped that if something happened to her an attendant would take care of me or something. But anyway, nearly every...
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    OMG. I have to deal with this constantly and it is SO annoying. Similarly, I also get the "but there are plenty of other times you hear me JUST FINE so how am I supposed to know?" The reality is, I maybe hear "just fine" 1 out of 5 times (and the majority of that is just a good guess based on...
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    Wheelchairs are SO COOL.

    Well duh, that was my whole point. I used an example that was obviously NOT a culture to make it more obvious how ridiculous it is when people get all interested in us and what IS a culture for us in such a matter that shows they only see us as a trend. While it's better than seeing us...
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    Accessibility on an airplane

    I always just studied the big cards they usually have in the back of the seat you are facing. That told me everything I really needed to know.
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    English GRAMMAR

    Reading is what taught me everything I know about the English language. If you find a book with a good story you really like, you won't even notice you are learning.
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    Wheelchairs are SO COOL.

    I just think the culture of people in wheelchairs is SO fascinating. I love all the different chairs they use and the way the people are and the challenges they've overcome. I love how they have their own lingo and mannerisms and I want to learn it! I want to be friends with people in...
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    New Neighbors

    I like the headphones idea, but if that's not an option (they aren't for me, I need to feel the music) then you are best off knocking on the door of all your neighbors all around - 2 doors to the right, 2 doors to the left, 2 floors down, 2 floors up, AND the neighbors to the back of your...
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    How Convince Mother To Learn ASL?

    I'm pretty much in the same boat. I wasn't "allowed" to learn sign language until I reached adulthood, basically. I'm 32 not but still not totally fluent. However I MUCH prefer it over lipreading. My mom and roommate/ex (all that's left of my family now) refuse to sign with me no matter what I...
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    Technology Recommendations?

    It can be quite useful if you spend a lot of time away from home or travel a lot. Or if you live without electricity. lol
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    Combined name signs?

    Thanks for the explanation! Actually, my "other" name sign was, for a long time, just "Lily" fingerspelled, since it is short and does flow well. But the guy that gave me an actual name sign said that it was too close to the "I love you" sign when fingerspelled quickly and would be confusing...
  19. Lily7

    Combined name signs?

    So, is it really that offensive if you have a combined name sign, or is it one of those things most people just brush off and don't really care about?