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  1. afifan91

    Interpreters Corner

    Just took my certification tests VQAS (Virginia Quality Assurance Screening) and EIPA performances are done... finish my ITP in the Spring. Can't wait to start working, I get results back in December for a January internship. I am excited to have terp stories of my own one day...
  2. afifan91

    Interesting film about if world is gay and straight is different...

    that would be interesting!!
  3. afifan91

    How old were you...

    Well, I felt at home in the YMCA men's locker room at age 13, but came out at 19. I am now 22, but am past my flamboyant stage. I have a straight acting partner whom I plan to build a life with when I finish school :)
  4. afifan91

    Which next state to legalize the gay marriage?

    VA is wicked conservative.. I hate it. I have only been with my partner for 6 months but I want the option to get married in my home state when that time comes... ugh frustrating. The polls support same sex marriage so why not just legalize it already...
  5. afifan91

    Which next state to legalize the gay marriage?

    Va LGBT Marriage A law was just passed that if a couple gets married in a state where it is legal, and moves back to a state where it is illegal, they still get benefits!!! :D :D
  6. afifan91

    Justin LeBlanc - Project Runway

    First Deaf contestant! I am a huge fan of his! Anyone know him personally? I have spoken to him on twitter a bit, seems like a nice guy! :wave:
  7. afifan91

    Which next state to legalize the gay marriage?

    I am praying for Virginia... I want to get married. My partner and I have not been together that long, 6 months strong next month, but I know he is the one.
  8. afifan91

    Simple, define fluency...

    What does it mean to you? Skill-wise in ASL. Is it someone that can sign, can sign well, someone that is proficient? etc. Someone that knows the culture as well as the language? Someone that can converse comfortably in either ASL or English or whatever? Explain.
  9. afifan91

    Student won't watch me interpret! What should I do?

    Interpret anyway... It's not your fault if the client doesn't pay attention.. Posted from App for Android
  10. afifan91

    Deaf Wanna-Be's

    Body dysmorphic... Didn't think about that.. Wow Posted from App for Android
  11. afifan91

    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    :O are you kidding me?? :mad: Who says that?!?!?!? I hope you cursed him out...
  12. afifan91

    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    haha Granny terp :) thats cute... I'm a newborn terp I guess. Not certified but have a bit of experience... I'll get there though!
  13. afifan91

    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    I usually wink and blow a kiss. They stop staring real quick. :giggle:
  14. afifan91

    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    what an a$$! :-/ good that he isn't in your life anymore.
  15. afifan91

    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    Ignorance... I am hearing myself, but I am speaking about others. They act like people that are Deaf/HOH are from Mars. I look at them, and I think to myself... did you seriously just do/say that? Where are your social skills? I don't know. Some people just make all us hearing people look...
  16. afifan91

    Deaf Wanna-Be's

    Munchhausen is actually covered... ok.
  17. afifan91

    Deaf Wanna-Be's

    Reading this, deaf wanna-be sounds like a form of Munchhausen (munch-how-sen) Biproxy... which actually is a documented illness.
  18. afifan91

    I don't have an accent... GRR

    It doesn't, believe me. Anyone that says that does not know what an Irish accent sounds like. Very different. Not sure how to describe the sound to you though, but they do not sound alike at all.
  19. afifan91

    Deaf Wanna-Be's

    What do you think about them? Has anyone ever met one on here or elsewhere? I find them disgusting. I feel like they are making a joke out of the Deaf community...
  20. afifan91

    Who gave you your sign name?

    that would be considered your sign name since its so short :)