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  1. Ziusudra

    Any Harry Potter lovers???

    I think I enjoy watching the movie far more than reading the books because as you say, there's a mental image of how the characters look and I enjoy seeing what special effects they've done. However, it's good to gain perspective on Harry, who by the way seems to have gotten very angry and sad...
  2. Ziusudra

    My Wallpapers! :D

    Thanks. And please, please, do tell me what you think, I welcome ALL comments as long as it's to help. I have also added 2 more there, so feel free to comment!
  3. Ziusudra

    My Wallpapers! :D

    I used JASC Paintshop Pro 7 to create the wallpapers. It's a good program, simple and effective to use.
  4. Ziusudra

    Foods that make you fat

    I don't quite agree. There's a lot of foods that WILL make you fat no matter what, and some foods that won't. For example, I have a chocolate soy protein drink every day, and that's one type of food that won't make you fat as it has no fat or sugar in it. All food will make you fat if you don't...
  5. Ziusudra

    Foods that make you fat

    I highly recommend you have at least one serving of grains each day. But I recommend WHOLEMEAL grains. If you choose multi-grain wholemeal bread, that is best. Pasta once or twice a week is okay as well, and rice too. Rice isn't as bad as pasta, but if you get pasta that's made from rice, that's...
  6. Ziusudra

    Foods that make you fat

    There's plenty of foods that make you fat as you probably already know. But there are 3 main types - corn, potato and white flour. Corn and potato are starchy foods and you will put on weight immediately although you might not realise it. White flour includes white rice, white bread, white pasta...
  7. Ziusudra

    deaf morrocan msn invasion

    It happened to me too! I was wondering WHO on earth it was. Just an annoying pest. I wonder how he got my e-mail.
  8. Ziusudra

    what is ur fav anime cartoon?

    No, I rented it a while ago, and never got around to watching it. :( I'll have to re-rent it and see if it's any good.
  9. Ziusudra

    what is ur fav anime cartoon?

    For those who didn't understand Akira, the manga explains the whole story in depth. My latest favourite anime is Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. That's an awesome and funny anime.
  10. Ziusudra

    Hi, I'm a new and cautious catlover checking this site out

    Welcome to AllDeaf! It's good to see more cat lovers out there. Cats are beautiful and intelligent creatures. :)
  11. Ziusudra

    Who you think played james bond the best?

    I liked Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery the most. They seemed most suited to the role of James Bond, the smooth talking womaniser agent.
  12. Ziusudra down!

    Well, I've discovered that the site is down, so where the heck do I get subtitles from now?? I need them not just for divx, but for DVDs that don't have subtitles. Can anyone else recommend a site for me to get subtitles from? Thanks so much.
  13. Ziusudra

    TV and Movie Lovers

    I've been compared to Anime girls lol, with my looks and personality.
  14. Ziusudra

    Spider-Man 3 Villain Locked

    That'd be great if Venom was included. I'm keen on seeing Electro and Lizard as well, I hope those two are included. They might as they appeared in the animated Spider-Man series.
  15. Ziusudra

    Your dream computer specification...

    My dream machine is an ibook G4, with 1.2gig of RAM, and DVD drive.
  16. Ziusudra

    Brissy Grrl

    Welcome! I'm near you, I live on the Gold Coast. There's another deafie on Alldeaf from Brisbane as well. :)
  17. Ziusudra

    What's your Favorite Fruit?

    Ooh I can never decide. Nectarines, kiwi fruit, bananas, apples and mandarins are all delicious! Grapes, pineapples, watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries as well and pretty much all fruit.
  18. Ziusudra

    Okinawa diet!

    What soy things do you eat? I eat soy beans, soy milk, and tofu and all those things that contain soy but I don't know what other kinds of soy products there are.
  19. Ziusudra

    What makes a movie great and why?

    I think special effects are an important part as it helps the visual element of the story. However, it's the plot that captures my heart. There have been several excellent movies with a captivating plot AND a moral to it. Willow is one example with it's moral of perservance and courage and an...
  20. Ziusudra

    I'm bored...HI!

    Welcome, it's good to see you've managed through all that. Enjoy the forum!