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    Hi Dee, Welcome to AD. I am from Houston, TX. There are wonderful Deaf and HOH Events here. Hope you could find time to join. :). Good Luck and hope to see you around. Cheers!. -CoolMikey.
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    Wassup y all ?

    A Big WELCOME to AD to you, Carmen03 and quita44. You both sounds have similar interests. :). Best Wishes.
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    who been single? look friend?

    Hey Rachel, Don't Give Up. There's Hope. It takes time. :). You WILL be Happy soon, there's Light at the end of 'dark' Tunnel. Be POSITIVE. Cheers!!! :).
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    Chinese girl looking for ASL user

    Thanks for your reply. That's very interesting. You don't want Kids? Or already have? Thought Chinese Women Loves Children. :). Cheers.
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    looking serious hoh guy

    Hello Craxyrachy. Welcome to AD. I am CoolMikey, Deaf. Greetings from Houston, TX. Sorry, about your 'tense' relationship. I Hope someday you'll find the Right Guy and be Happy. Do you love travel? :). Cheers!
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    Queen awaiting her King...

    Hello 'Queen', Welcome to AD? Curious as to how come you joined in 2010 and still looking for your 'King'? By the way, what part of TX is "DFW"?. Anyway, Greetings from Houston, TX and Good luck finding your King. :)
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    Chinese girl looking for ASL user

    Hey Lily, Welcome again to AD Forum, so you are seriously looking for relationship with DEAF guy? Aren't there Deaf guys in Beijing, China who may be Good in Communicating with you better in Chinese Caligraph? Are you willing to travel to U.S to find a Deaf Man? Goodluck with your search. By the...
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    Hi everyone(:

    Hi Monica, Welcome to AD Forum. Hello to your Son. :). Greetings from Hou. TX.
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    Hello from Iran

    Hey Arezoo, Welcome to AD Forum. How is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei?? :). Yes, there used to be a former Member from IRAN. She is a Lady and goes by "NickName" of ELHAM and her last posting was around 2011 to 2012. How is Teheran? :) Cheers!!!.
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    ASL Student/ Cali

    Hey, Emily and Lily, You are both WELCOME to AD Forum. Hope you are able to make friends and finds variety of resources available here as well be free to ask Forum Members who'll be Happy to answers any questions or advices you can get. Lily could you mind 'translate' the Chinese Caligraph in...
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    Hello Monica, Welcome to the AD Forum. Glad you want to Learn ASL and Deaf Culture. You could find info at your LOCAL Deaf Events within where you are from. Your Son could also benefitted from Learning BASIC ASL and before you know it, Kids learns faster than Adults. You'll be glad you did. :).
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    Hello from Austin Texas

    Hello Celeste, Welcome to AD Forum. Greetings from Houston, TX. :) And you, Secretblend too. Cheers!! :)
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    My "Naked" Truth

    Hey Rockin Robin, Reba and Bebonang, I 'doff' my Hats to you Senior Ladies on this Forum. Ms. Robin, Thanks as this was a Good Fiction at Best. 'Fooled' me to believe you were speaking for yourself, but now realized you were writing Up an interesting reading worth Educative. Kudos and Thumbs Up...
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    My "Naked" Truth

    Hey Rock'Robin, First of All, My Heart goes to you. YOU are Beautiful, Gifted, Intelligent and Well-Endowed with what bellied your Age by your Creator. There's already a BIG lesson to be learned from this kind of 'infatuations' without giving a good 'home work' or commitment before 'opening'...
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    new here

    Hello Elizabeth, Welcome to AllDeaf. Glad you joined the forum. Are U Deaf? Will be nice to know bit more about you. Enjoy posting and hope to read from you. Cheers!. Have a wonderful Year. :).
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    Self Introduction:

    Hi Callisto & Reba, Happy New Year and Thanks for your Welcome Message. Though been around and away from the AD forum due to busy work and Professional commitments. Hope you all have a Wonderful Holidays. Best Wishes for Success in your Endeavors. Stay Well and be Blessed. Cheers. :).
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    Long time no see, y'all!

    Shezzbeav, Welcome back to AD. Good luck finding a Job after your Studies. Maria, Welcome to Texas from Florida. Hope you liked the Weather there as well Deaf community. Best Wishes to your Daughter as she getting Married and soon to make you proud Grandma. So, Welcome to 'Lone Star State' :).
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    Hello Redray, Welcome to AD. Sorry you are losing your hearing and experience deafness. You will find the needed support from your Deaf friend and through this Forum. Good luck and Best Wishes for the Holidays. :).
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    Self Introduction:

    Hello AllDeaf Members, Thanks for re-welcoming me. Actually I have been a Registered User since March 2012 and have been on the Forum ON and OFF as well have posted and Welcomed others. To you, (ohmylight), I am NOT a 'Lady killer' as you are joking but a Serious DEAF Professional. Ok. Thanks...
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    Hi, Welcome to AllDeaf. So sorry about your experiences with CI Hope you are enjoying the benefit of two Worlds.