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    A hearing friend gave me this from florida...

    :rofl: Oh my god that's so funny... oh man...
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    Please sit down to pee

    :rofl: that's funny ha ha
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    Love Or Money?

    Gotta know the millionaire more first before you decide so if I find his personality SUCKS then I ll :fu: him and take the $$$$ but if his personality is good then I ll go for love :naughty: BUT right now I go for love :D got my love for my hubby and my daughter :ily:
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    Do you believe in UFO?

    I don't believe in UFO unless I see the hard evidence right there before my eyes then I'll believe :D
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    Man Accused Of Dropping Baby Out 7th Floor Window

    Quoted: Williams then left the apartment, grabbed the baby and drove her to a nearby hospital. That's the father..... He was the one who took his baby to the hospital... The mother and father were boyfriend and girlfriend so therefore they were not married
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    Man Accused Of Dropping Baby Out 7th Floor Window

    I know daddy is :crazy: but was very :shock: that he did had a time to stop and picked his daughter up and took her to the hospital.... but I am glad that he is charged for attempted murder cuz kids should not get involved in their parents' problems or whatsoever... but I am so happy that the...
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    Bizzare Hit N Run

    Yeah simple story from CSI.... who knows they got that story cuz it happened two years ago.... someone mentioned that it is semi-understandable cuz she was drinking and high on drugs well I would rather to have DUI charge instead of murder charge on my record :ugh:
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    Bizzare Hit N Run

    FORT WORTH, Texas (June 23) - A former nurse's aide pleaded guilty to a lesser count Monday before she went on trial on a murder charge, accused of hitting a man with her car and leaving him stuck in the windshield and dying. Chante Jawan Mallard, 27, faces life in prison if convicted of...
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    List USA states & countries you have touched.

    Touched : California Oregon Washington St Idaho Colorado Nevada Arizona New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Ohio Indiana Illinios Pennsylvania New York Virginia West Virginia Maryland Washington DC North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi...
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    Sleeping disorder?

    Mike you need to go to see the dr about the sleep disorder... My father have a sleep disorder and the dr gave him sleeping pills and it helps him go sleep and wake up feeling great :D so check it out with your doctor and he might give you sleeping pills
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    As alldeaf turns. {a play}

    :laugh2: :laugh2: that's funny and I am looking forward to scene 2
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    daprilz's thread

    emerald Magic Number 10 Job Porn Star Personality Slacker Temperament An Oft-Exploding Volcano Sexual Whatever, Whenever, Whoever Likely To Win Nothing Me - In A Word Belligerent Colour Green :eek: geez !
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    America's unsafest cities

    Ohhh yeah !!!!! Buckhead is the wildest:party: in town... I haven't been there for a LONG LONG time but hopefully one day we'll go :D
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    America's unsafest cities

    Yeah deafclimber me either I am not surprised about Atlanta but I live outside of atlanta I think about 25 to 30 miles..... I live in a snobby and rich area ha ha ha ha :D
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    Anti-spam email law pending in CA

    Ohh I should move back to California and become a rich woman over there :twisted: hee hee Miss Giglz.... you are very funny as usual ha ha ha :laugh2:
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    Woman Accused of Keeping Childrens' Dead Bodies for Decade

    :eek: she should have report it to the police so she would not be charged for those deaths but once again like other people here posted... What a sad sick woman she is :(
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    Happy Birthday, Katzie!!!

    :birthday: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Dear Katzie Happy birthday to yooouuuuuu !!!!!! :D
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    ATTEN AOL Pager User

    I know Pinkster :-\ my hubby is debating which pager he want to buy.... it sucks !!!! :(
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    pic of ur child

    We all were making brownies.... It is my little angel, Madelena at 2 and half years old with her daddy :D