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    Proposal for Audism policy to be placed in the guidelines

    stopping by I miss this group terribly but when my posts were being buried and censored it was time to go. I have been a hoh for 35 years with my deaf community being my sister who is "worse" than I. See that is the kind of audism that happens just naturally in that kind of isolation and...
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    Looking To Start an Advocacy Center for the Deaf/ HOH in S.W. Texas...

    Just thought I would bump this for annie It went away really fast
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    Pics of you - Part V

    I tried and failed but My avatar is me and I have a small album from last year-mostly at my cabin site ( I love it there) where I should be now instead of goofing off here. Just a few more things to do.
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    What did you learn today?

    Help is on the way Jess! We gotta you shouldder here!
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    Spy on us???

    scary Combine this with keyloggers and we are all the way in to Big Brother land, well no mandatory wall monitor screen yet... I guess that is a way off. I think in about a year the computer is going to take a way back seat in my life. All these invasions into privacy, there is always one...
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    earmold costs

    we would rather just pay higher taxes AND make the rich richer. Why not pay it out with both hands instead of just one?
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    What did you learn today?

    My best old friend has been doing this with me. I know he means well and is as close to me as a brother but I am talking to him less and less because of all the "you shoulds". Of course he is probably right and just hates to see me suffering but that still does not change my response. Thanks...
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    Budgeting on $20.00 - video *ASL heavy*

    What is your favorite bean? Is there one with more launch pad power than the rest? Best booster rockets? Escape velocity? Time travel?
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    Budgeting on $20.00 - video *ASL heavy*

    Be careful you don't end up like that caffeinitis guy racing around in your jammies running over people late in the night. :P
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    Love scam dupes WA disabled

    Very nice way to say it Souggy kind of makes your fists clench doesn't it?
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    What Books Have You Recently Purchased?

    Juggling four as usual The Last Algonquin; by TheodoreL Kazimiroff The Road to Monticello, The Life and Mind of Thomas Jefferson; by Kevin J. Hayes Gold Placer Deposits in Northeast Alaska(Dalton Highway); by Richard L. Lampright King of the World; by David Remnick My favorite vice...
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    Obama kills too many

    Not going to bash him for this NO. If ending the war means getting it on as hard as we can well that is a very decisive decision. That is the only way any war gets won. It was not a decision lightly made and I respect the hell out of that. While the right was bashing away saying too slow too...
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    What did you learn today?

    I learned how much all that hazmat training has taken hold. Man I hate get gasoline on my hands now. Just spent the last few hours cleaning fuel filter and the fuel lines over and over cause of huge water in the gas. Not for lack of Heet either. That was not a pleasant scene working in the dark...
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    Plane ban for deaf traveller

    stuff like that happens and usually it is just one person in the way but it all goes gunnysack from there. It is like fate is determined to fit me into its unknowable scheme when it happens to me. Sure I get pissed off but then it becomes clear that a fork in the road got taken whether I...
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    Computers of the 20th & 21st Century

    It took all the willpower I had to stop accumalating old chevy trucks. I still mourn the decision I hope they are all in a better place now-- real tears.
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    Computers of the 20th & 21st Century

    mac clamshell laptop Sure it is outdated but what a work of modern art. It is one of the few things of the last bunch of years I could see myself collecting.
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    Computers of the 20th & 21st Century

    I save my old macs While the new ones have more everything the old ones were greatlooking cool gizmos. Kind of like 1950's Chevy trucks.
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Mona Lisa just lost her place Great picture!
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    WOW new ear molds!

    The earmolds I lost were Starkey Turns out they have a serial number for each earmold and the shape is in their computer waiting to be regenerated. Yes!!
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    Learning disabilities.

    Thanks Shel Wow thank you for the great sites! There is enough in there to keep me learning for a while. The Wiley Interscience site is awesome! Thank you! :wave: