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    Building Confidence - Initiating small talk

    What ways do you find helpful to help you speak if you find communication a barrier in places? Normally before I speak I will had thought what I was going to say prepared in my head; it's comfortable sometimes doing this and helps. I've been giving myself exercises and a goal for myself to...
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    Yeah completely, it happens frequently. I found as a profoundly deaf person just listening to a group of hearing people in a social environment (pub) can be very challenging to grasp and follow. It always feels as if you're playing catch up and focusing twice as hard just to hear what a...
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    My audiogram

    Sorry to hear the results of your audiogram. As a person born with profound hearing loss and aged 26 my advice would be to try and embrace this new part of your life. It will be challenging and hard to communicate with others though it's also not a bad thing that you have to read and watch...
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    Does anyone else put significant thought into their dreams?

    Is that like keeping a record/note of your dreams?
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    Do you find it more challenging finding human interaction?

    Hi, I've been single for a while and experienced bad and good short relationships, have a small network of friends and family to rely on as a support network when need be. Do you find being HoH or deaf harder to connect and maintain human interaction with people? I often feel like despite...
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    Does anyone else put significant thought into their dreams?

    I try and not read too much into dreams. I have no control what will be dreamt always seem to have sad or morbid ones such as last night I dreamt I saw a malnourished and neglected dog who was so weak it couldn't walk down stairs and as a result collapsed and died. I couldn't face it after...
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    Looking for deaf friends

    Welcome. In the real world I 'd recommend you visit a local deaf club if you wanted to get to understand sign language and hoh/deaf people further.
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    Yeah all the time. My pet peeve is the judgement and ignorance people can pass when having to come closer and ask what was said to be repeated again.
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    Hoh/deaf speaking tips

    Being HoH and when speaking do you find yourself sometimes getting all you words out at once? How do you try to overcome this aspect? I found reminding myself to breathe and speak more slowly can create clarity and singing helps to use your diaphragm rather than your chest to project your...
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    I'm scared please help

    There's always chance you'll get hurt and rejected in any relationship though that's applies to everyone else too. I think you need to just go with it and explore and see where it takes you. I learnt more about myself being in a few bad relationships than what a friend could've taught about me.
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    Tricks for learning

    I've only started learning BSL Level 1 for about a month now, I understand what you mean it can feel challenging when you're just learning and others can sign a lot faster. I think being on a course like ASL level 1 would help you progress and so would going to local signing events/socials if...
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    Your opinion on the word: "disability"

    I wouldn't classify myself as 'disabled' though do find communication a constant struggle and always have to focus twice as hard as hearing peers in most cases.
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    Do you struggle to say words?

    Do you find it challenging saying certain words or stutter at the beginning of a word which should otherwise be easy? Example:- I'll make an order and say ' Hi can I have a pint of...' and often I will frequently have to pause to try and say the kind of drink stuttering on the beginning of the...
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    Staying relaxed in noisy environments being hoh or deaf. .

    Being HoH can feel extremely stressful in noisy situations which a hearing person might not find as difficult to hear, particularly group conversations or pubs. It can difficult for instance when you grasp what people are talking about and want to say something or contribute to the...
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    A Deafie's Pet Peeve About Living Among The Hearies

    My pet peeve is the lack of awareness and inclusion hearing people intentionally or unknowingly show to people who are hard of hearing or who are deaf. I get and accept that life will hold its own challenges being in this position though it doesn't take a lot more effort or time to include a...