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    List of Streaming Services with CC/Subtitles [Netflix, AppleTV, Vudu, Amazon, etc]

    Captioning are now supported on Vudu and Amazon. I have Vudu account and was able watch some movies with captions.
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    Comcast DCH3416 - CC problem

    Hello folks, I recently got my new Samsung HDTV to replace my 13-years old analog TV. I reconncted cable box (model DCH3416) to my new TV with HDMI cable. I know that HDMI does not support closed caption signals so that I had to turn CC on on DCH3416. I found out that CC only works on...
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    Six Million Dollars Man The Complete Collection - Closed Captions?

    Good news! Good news! That will be SDH for deaf on all episodes, pilot movies, reunion movies, and bonus. For more info, check that URL address below. The Six Million Dollar Man DVD news: Box Art and Updates for The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series | Thanks...
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    Last Movie You Watched?

    Just finished "Forbidden Planet" with finally closed caption that I got from I remember that when I watched it on TV before closed caption decoder was invented.
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    Ghost Adventures on The Travel Channel

    Hello folks, Does anyone has watched that before? What do you think about that? I noticed that episodes are more active than other paranormal series. That premier episode about Gettysburg will be on air on 9 pm Fridays on The Travel Channel. Yes they have closed captions. Do not forget...
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    Six Million Dollars Man The Complete Collection - Closed Captions?

    Hello folks, I recently received e-mail message from and Time Life announces new Six Million Dollars Man The Complete Collection and they will be out on November 23rd. Check for more information. I was looking for some DVD specs on that website but...
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    Reminder!!! Ghost coming back tomorrow!

    Why not Ghost Adventures. All folks, Of course, I often watches Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Adventures (on Travel Channel). Why not try to watch Ghost Adventures on 9 pm Fridays on The Travel Channel? This Friday, Zak's team will investigate Gettysburg because...
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    Sprint Relay - HTC EVO 4G

    Yes, there is a deaf data plan for that EVO 4G smartphone. Check Sprint Relay Store.
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    AT&T's new data plans - not good news.

    Hello folks, I heard that AT&T recently announced new data plans on starting June 7. That will be new 200MB and 2GB metered data plans. Any usage over 200MB/2GB will be additional $10 each 200MB/1GB unit. That is not good news for deafies that use videophone, etc. I searched for new TAP...
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    Sprint Relay - HTC EVO 4G

    Sprint EVO 4G Hello folks, Today I went to local Sprint store and took a look on new Sprint's EVO 4G smartphone. Its task bar showed that Gaithersburg already has 4G coverage (Washington DC metro area)! I tried to access some web sites and noticed that Internet access is much faster than...
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    Max Headroom (TV series)

    Hello folks, Good news!! I heard that new DVD complete series set will be out on August 10th. Many years ago, we watched Max Headroom on big TV screen at the Abbey (Gallaudet University) with closed caption. I checked its specification and it did not say closed caption or subtitled. I am...
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    The Droid

    All folks, I found out that offers Droid for $49.99 but it still requires voice and data plan, not data-only plan. Is that possible to order that and contact Verizon to change to messaging plan? Thanks, Sword7
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    The Droid

    How about Nexus One and HTC Supersonic (Sprint)? Nexus One will be come out on March 23rd with Verizon Wireless. It uses Snapdragon processor (1 Ghz processor) and virtual keyboard like iPhone. HTC Supersonic will come out this summer with Sprint. It will support 4G (WiMax). Thanks...
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    Computers of the 20th & 21st Century

    Hello folks, What a computer history! :) Of course my first computer was Apple II series that was school-owned. For home use, my first computer was TI-99/4A Home Computer. Its BASIC interpreter was pretty slow because it was interpreted twice. I wrote many BASIC programs on both TI and...
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    Computers of the 20th & 21st Century

    Yeah. I now remember you at my school. Your favorite computer was Apple II series. Today there are now Apple emulators (MESS software) for Windows. Sword7
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    Z4 from ZVRS - Webcam finally worked.

    Thanks for video compression over Internet. I got that. Hmm are you from WPSD? Thanks, Sword7
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    Z4 from ZVRS - Webcam finally worked.

    Yes, that is right. I got them from DreamMacys seller. I noticed that webcam is working for only 32-bit windows. No. it is working fine with my 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate with new AVEO driver v2.0. Thanks, Sword7
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    Dell new 5 inch tablet w/ front video conference camera and Google OS Andriod

    HTC Supersonic Hello folks, FYI - I heard that HTC Supersonic is coming out with Sprint and WiMax. It is using Android OS like Dell Mini 5, Droid, etc. Sword7
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    Z4 from ZVRS - Webcam finally worked.

    Hello folks, A few weeks ago, I struggled to get my 3.0m webcam working with P3 chat software and finally gave up. I got my new webcam with 6 LED lights from eBay. I recently got new Z4 chat software from ZVRS and installed it. It immediately recongized YouCam 3 from Cyberlink. I tried...
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    Sprint WiMax 4G - Washington DC coverage?

    Hello folks, I was considering to upgrade to Sprint U301 3G/4G for my laptop/netbook but I have a question for you. Do Sprint offer WiMax coverage for Washington DC area? If not, when? Thanks, Sword7