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    Chat anyone?

    Hey, welcome to Alldeaf! That's great you are teaching yourself to sign! I'm not deaf or HOH, but I took basic ASL in HS for 3 years and now am in my 3rd term of advanced ASL in college. So if I can be of help, feel free to message me on Skype when I'm on. Otherwise, there are many lovely deaf...
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    Hi from Florida.

    Hi! Welcome :]
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    Hello, I'm Adam

    Hi! Welcome! Thats great that your taking up ASL! I'm from CA as well, more around the SF Bay area tho, but i'm in Oregon currently for college. A while back I considered graphic design as a major, but ended up in Psychology which will probably go into social services, same as you! But ya...
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    Hi! I'm Quinn! Anyone up for chatting?

    Hi! Welcome! I'm 20, hearing, taking upper level ASL in college. Do you have Skype? If you want to chat and practice signing, Id be happy to help :]
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    Mommy to a Wonderful Deaf Child

    Hi! Welcome! Thats really sweet you're so supportive and involved for your daughter, what a lucky little girl!:]
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    Hi from Vancouver Island, BC

    Hi! Welcome!:]
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    Hi! I'm also a level 2 ASL student at my college, but my teacher is very good about enforcing grammar, and emphasizes the difference between "ASL" and "English" signing. The majority of our curriculum is developing advanced conversational skills and how to describe things and events in complex...
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    Hi! Are you currently an ASL student? College, HS, what level? It's great that you're getting involved!
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    Making friends- sign with me.

    Hi! Welcome! Like Destiny, I also took 3 years ASL in HS and now im in intermediate ASL at my college. Always looking for more people to chat with! I also love the outdoors, and my best friend is a photographer! Do you use Skype?
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    Greetings from Californai

    Welcome! I'm from CA too, SF Bay area, but now I'm in school in Oregon! Looking forward to visiting CA again in a couple weeks! Where in CA are you from?
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    Returning Member :) -waves-

    Hi! Welcome back :]
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    Chat anyone?

    Ah thats good theyre good with him. Did he have an interpreter before he got his hearing back? Ive seen so many pro/con lists of hearing vs deaf schools. Ok, will do, I haven't been checking in on Skype recently, because I'm a week away from my finals, so all my papers/projects/presentations...
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    Chat anyone?

    Ya definitely, thats a good idea, and very true! Does he go to public or residential school? When are you available to skype?
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    Chat anyone?

    Also I'm doing well, I had a social psychology class today. Todays topic was stress, just in time for finals approaching of course! I find it kind of odd that talking about stress makes me more stressed. Does that happen to anyone else? I'm originally from California near San Francisco and...
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    Chat anyone?

    Yay! Glad others want to chat too :] I'll go find you guys on skype! It's great to see other hearing people who want to get involved in deaf culture as well. @Adam, do you prefer being able to talk or sign with your brother? @Paulina, what got you interested in becoming an interpreter, do you...
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hey! I'm new to this site, first time chatting in a forum. I'd love to practice signing with anyone, i'm fairly fluent but always trying to improve and sign clearer!! I'd love to chat with anyone who's advanced, at my level and want to practice together, or anyone learning that needs help or...
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    Chat anyone?

    Hi! I'm a 20 yr old hearing student taking intermediate ASL in college over in Ashland, OR! My grandpa was HOH my entire childhood, he got kicked in the head by a horse when he was young and went basically deaf. So it was hard to communicate with him, he would make comments to people, but never...