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    ISO: ASL 2+ to practice on Skype or locally

    Hi. I'm looking to practice ASL who are either majoring in deaf studies or at least in ASL 2, that want to practice on Skype, and if locally in person. I'm in NYC. My current focus is getting use to signing in ASL grammar. Post information about yourself here or private message me. Thanks.
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Any newbies from NYC?
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Any newbies from NY?
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    Come To My Tinychat Room, Only If You Are Serious At Learning ASL

    Been awhile since I've been on AD, so add me on Skype for those who want to practice. I have become sooooooo rusty and forgot about half of my vocab, Ugh.
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    Has there been any love connections on here?

    Has anyone met anyone and from AD and clicked?
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I haven't practiced and been on in ages. Anyone wants to practice add me , Pikachula21. Add me if you know you'll want to practice often, at least once a week, and if you do intend on actually saying hi to me when you get on. Don't be shy.
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    Does that fact that Ashton Kutcher cheated make him less hot?

    To answer the original question. Yes I find him less attractive. When I find a person attractive its not just the physical appearance. It's their actions.
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    Come To My Tinychat Room, Only If You Are Serious At Learning ASL

    Hey y'all. I will be in the room tonight. Just got in. I didn't a notification for any of the responses except the last. 10 pm est. Go nyc !! Come on in.
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    Bomb explosion and shooting in Norway

    I'm totally disgusted. I'm praying he doesn't just get put away. This guy killed so many people and I feel like he's almost getting away with it.
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    Best State/Country to Move To?

    Let's start with state. I live in NYC, and have been looking at two states, California, and Virginia, mainly because I know people there. Apartments are 1100 for a one bedroom, and about 1300 for a two bedroom in a decent area of Brooklyn (Don't have to worry as much about getting robbed, drug...
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    Q for people who own a 2011 Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

    The airs dont come with flash but you can get download it. My old comp was a 2007, 2GB, and I can't recall the space from a 2007 model, but I wasn't full. I only browse the net, emails, forums, watch a video rarily. I am not a gamer. However I do make videos about once or twice every two weeks.
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    Q for people who own a 2011 Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

    Hey, I'm trying to decipher between getting the 11'' air or the 13'' pro. I know that the pro has more in regards of size, ports, dvd+, but I do like the size of the 11'' air. However, since I'm on a website, where I get my information from about Mac products, the negative things that I have...
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    What's great about being single?

    The best things about single life is not having to have someone in your business. Not having to give yourself to another person. You don't have to worry where the other person is because they are no ties. It's like a prepaid cellphone, no contract. Married life has its positive points, but I do...
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    Married ladies and Men

    He sounds like a real winner! Very immature. If he doesn't want to learn on his own without being told, then it's a lost cause. He's 29! Not 9.
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    Duggars Family... When Will It End?

    They have lost their minds... Seriously!
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    Come To My Tinychat Room, Only If You Are Serious At Learning ASL

    I'll be in the room at 10 PM EST tonight.
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    How you know right thing?

    I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that everyone is using protection including birth control, spermicidal gels, the whole shabang! The whole rollercoaster ride is not fun, and one day someone will want to get off the ride. You will be a different person at 30. Trust, your desires...