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  1. WBHarley

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I was in Ct a month ago, actually drive thru to New York with my mom picking up her new daschund dog :) I miss going to Ct as my dad's family born in New Haven county, Litchfield county!
  2. WBHarley

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    lol sure haha
  3. WBHarley

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    reading my book, it called Waterbury Irish! pretty interesting for me since I'm more of into genealogy too! Pretty soon I'm going to make cinnamon raisin bread in bread machine, do laundry, get my things pack little by little for my trip to Massachusetts from Aug 3-7
  4. WBHarley

    Wood-burning stove

    We have two woodstove one in garage that heat up into attic into the whole house and one in livingroom Im so blessed to have these and save some of our heating bill with oil... nowdays they are so expensive to get refill ugh!
  5. WBHarley

    VRS legal results

    Gazette.Net: Founder of Rockville deaf services company gets nine years for fraud
  6. WBHarley

    Random Vents.....

    Shel90 perhaps you can talk to her dad if she wont listen to you?
  7. WBHarley

    Dad update

    oh Oceanbreeze, you and your family are in my thoughts, my step father had that kind of cancer in his esophagus.. I surely hope he will feel better soon. I can't tell you how hard it is to watch someone going thru this, my step dad couldn't go for surgery etc due it was already advanced.. I...
  8. WBHarley

    Banjo's Wedding Highlights

    Banjo, Congratulations on your wed day :) It is beautiful :)
  9. WBHarley

    Paul Benedict dies at 70; actor from 'The Jeffersons' and 'Sesame Street'

    Bentley! Oh my.. I remember him on "the jefferson" rest in peace paul benedict! he's going to be missed!
  10. WBHarley

    Christmas Cards 2008

    I may get some xmas card out I may not get some out.. due personal reason :) thanks for understanding :) wendy
  11. WBHarley

    Hey Deafclimber.. Why you block me???

    Happy birthday to you DeafClimber.. Enjoy your rest of the year :)
  12. WBHarley

    Mother of a Deaf 10y in AZ

    welcome to AllDeaf Hopefully you find some informations on both sides :) Wendy
  13. WBHarley


    im still watching this show omg it made my heart melt when I see these happy stories on georgia and meryl and denzel.. Gosh I can not believe how mean they did to georgia's teeth! man she is so sweet dog as I can see in her eyes after I see she has been rehabilitations :) **still watching**...
  14. WBHarley

    Communication issues with hearing a spouse

    aww varies with people some cant some can :) my man is hearing I have bilaterial He support me for getting one.. He never pressure me one he has asked me "Why? your natural" I said "cos Im doing this for myself not for others" he loves me for who I am.. I love him for who he is. and we...
  15. WBHarley

    My vacation in Maine (May 30-June9)

    Im from maine You betcha it's beautiful places :) :) May I share one picture I found at Monmouth few days ago it was so beautiful so I took a PICTURE OF A small island on the lake :)
  16. WBHarley

    What's wrong with Defee?

    Happy Birthday to you Defee! Hope you enjoy your birthday :) Wendy
  17. WBHarley

    Honestly, what's on your mind right now?

    what's on my mind right now ? too much to list it.. yes my brain is overload with too much of thinking to add and add... so far my car belt snapped so The car has to go in shop to figure out which bearings is no good to get it replace and No way that I want to take belt off to figure it out...
  18. WBHarley

    BAD NEWS: DVD Player = NO (CC) Support!

    im one of these people who doesnt have CC accessible with newer tv.. I still have old tv and use old dvd/vcr box that we need to put dvd on it when my built in dvd/vcr in tv doesnt work with cc these menu would not even work for cc to show up etc.. i have to go to livingroom and use it... most...
  19. WBHarley

    Comcast to limit customers' broadband usage

    guess some of us need to stop using these strange technologies!!! too much for me to learn I had to set up my VP at my mother's house due of no dsl or highspeed available at my home!! since I have got promoted at my work so some of my staff rely on the VP due of their ASL not understanding...
  20. WBHarley

    Living with autism in college

    This is very impressive to read about this.. I will have to send this URL to my mom and sister.. Since my niece was dx in early age *possible* autism but now she definetly diagnosis post development delay I will have to find out more information from them later on :) eekk I work too...