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    Smartwatch Vibrations?

    Which smartphone do you recommend for vibrations?
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    Truly Unlimited Data Plan for IPad?

    I was wondering how can I get IPad with truly unlimited data plan?
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    Real Time Texting Providers?

    Sprint does not offer RTT. If you have RTT, which provider do you use? Thanks!
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    Software TTY App??

    Can I use it on IMac? Just wondering.
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    Software TTY App??

    If I have Android, would that make a difference?
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    Software TTY App??

    Do you know where I can get Software TTY App for IPhone or IPad? I need to contact Social Security via TTY thats why. Thanks!
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    What do you do for living?

    I am currently unemployed and I am looking to do something different. Maybe you might give me some good ideas. Thanks!
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    Person Below Me

    I do not believe in favoritism at all. I can name several of my favorites but I will not reveal my favorites. Do you know of any female that is well educated that does not smoke or have any pets? I hate smoking odors. I am allergic to pets. She does not need to have a college degree but she...
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    Are you deaf and compliance officer?

    I am deaf and was a Mailroom Supervisor. It does not appeal to me at all to sit about all day long. I googled for a list of jobs that I can keep moving all day long. Compliance Officer is one of them. I would get that job easily if I was hearing. I was wondering is it possible to be a deaf...
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    Online courses with cc ?

    Authentic, I am very fluent in ASL. I want to explore online courses that offers closed captioning. Nothing to do with deafness. Thanks Ri Sol!
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    Online courses with cc ?

    I read somewhere that I can take online courses that are closed captioned but which online courses that are closed captioned?
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    A list of deaf lawyers in usa that serve deaf people not corporations?

    I was wondering are there any deaf lawyers that serve deaf individuals in US? What are their specialities? Many Thanks!
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    Living near the airport

    This question is for deaf members who has lived or is currently living near the airport. How was your experience living near the airport? Does it bother you?
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    Billboard Truck Driver Position Wanted

    Hello! I am currently living in Atlanta GA. I am 51 and deaf. I would like to drive flat billboard truck for living. I would be willing to consider relocating anywhere in the USA. I do not have CDL yet but I will be willing to learn as long as I know that they will hire me as a deaf person. I...
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    I Need Smart Tv With Netflix Recommendations. Thank You!

    Bill, Yes I am deaf. After all, I posted this topic under deaf products. I really appreciate the suggestions so far. I am looking forward to get some more input. Thank you!
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    I Need Smart Tv With Netflix Recommendations. Thank You!

    Hello! I am planning to buy Smart TV sometime soon. I am mainly interested to watch Netflix on Smart TV. I am not so sure which Smart TV I want to buy. I just want to make sure that I will not have any issues with my purchase. Do you have any recommendations on which Smart TV that I should buy...
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    Can I request no interpreter at Dr's office?

    I can write notes back and forth.
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    Do you use IP-Relay?

    How can I direct my IP-Relay Messages to my inbox instead of spam folder? I have already clicked on Not Spam, but it still goes to the spam folder. I use yahoo email program but I am willing to change my email program as long as my messages will not go into the spam folder. Thank...