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    A deaf Jackass

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    What Sex is Your Computer ?

    hahahaha funny.. :rofl:
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    I Nearly Pissed Myself

    LMao!!!... what a funny one!! oh man i'll be pissed off if it happen to me... but it wont :-) :laugh2:
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    Obsessive people

    oh god... u still being so obessive... get OVER it... u keep goin on and on and on about it... who's obessive hmm.. heres prove... not us.. its Y O U!!!... Stop with that god!!!...
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    Right on sis!!.... thats right i agree with ur quote... *never judge who i am!* thats what god dont like to hear.... God dont judge us....:bowdown:
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    Whoa... can i say sumthing here... u come up with *weeds* issue... it means nothing... its a symbol *hello!*... it doesnt mean anythin.. being stoned is such like being straight... to be honest... being straight is more bored and no creative.... while being stoned more fun and more creative...
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    Post your favorite quote

    *Eh?,...What's up doc?...*:D
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    war war war

    let me quote this... *i am glad saddam is gone*... hmm to be honest with u.. Saddam hasnt died... hes still alive and kicking... but sad news that hes hiding somewhere in iraq... waiting til usa army is competely gone.. then he'll have his revenaged back to usa one sweet day... saddam isnt...
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    war war war

    Re: Re: war war war well.... go for it then... i wont go!... cuz he probably make a wrong choice and make us died for Wrongful reason... i would fight for american... but not for stupid reason blahh ya know what i m talkin about?... The real reason why i'm so against President Bush...
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    war war war

    what u all think of the war been happening lately? should put a blame on President Bush? or what?..... to me.. i think should blame on president bush for making wrong move!...:crazy:
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    yo... Ntid is in New york yes... and CSUN... uhh its in california... its like 3.000 thousand miles away from here... its way too far... and gally?... moi?.. never attented there... its not for me... and i always wanted to go to ntid but never make it :( due to money problem issue... hopefully...
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    Fery Vunny... showing off... hmm maybe so haha :laugh2: and was i stoned in that pic?... hmm whatcha thinking? oh of course! haha take a look at my eyes! :rofl: :nana:
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    hello everybody?... anyone lost interesting in this thread?... :tears: i'm tryin to keep it alive so it'll keep me busy to read or listen what ur option are... i guess this issue is so bored to ya'll cuz it dont sound so exciting... :(
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    hey erica... yeah we come on different time :rofl: heh u do have a good day too :D
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    hahah how cute.... ur being silly really... very sad to hear... i aint mama yet... i'm still young lady with no kids :D thats why i call myself *WHOA* that's it...
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    yeah why not!! since my nickname is Whoa... :D
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    Steel, hope u a good luck.. and hope that u can attend deaf univeristy or college so u can get some experince... and yeah we're in slience world.. which that i love the most i dont have to worry about those silly or stupid noise... such as screaming or verbal from hearing world... i'm sure u'll...
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    anybody who cares or wanna to know about me?

    Steel.. i agree with you competely... at least we have something to communicate with ... it doesnt matter.. .we always can find a way to understand each others eventhough if we sign in different way... and theres no need to make a sign lanuage war!!!! all what i wanna is a peace rooom heh... to...
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    Welcome, Whoa!

    yeah i know that... i didnt ask for that.. but oh well i feel so impression for that one!! guess i'm so popular now :boink: NOT!!! *giggle*