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    Got a job for good!!!

    yayaya FINALLY! don't let work so hard and trade my van? KIDDIN! and have fun on ur new job
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    Shark dance??????

    GEEZz that NS's old SN's SHARKY!! oh waitt already back his's old NS now HAHAH!!! sowwies that HELLA FUNNIII!!!:laugh2:
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    Good Bye to My Great Uncle Owen

    Thanks guys and least my great uncle is good hand in heaven wit his's late parents n both of late sisters too
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    Tattletale 3 year old boy!!

    Haha that soo funni!!
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    What are you thinking about?

    Im think abt my great uncle since he's passing on :(
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    Good Bye to My Great Uncle Owen

    Sorry not much post here laterly anyway another part Sad news: I just found out that my great uncle owen's passed away last sun (aug 9) due his sick for long time so will have go to Funeral today n tomorrow noon said good bye to my great uncle R I P Owen Clark
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    Come here Jolie and Sasha!!!! You guys are in trouble!!!!

    Happy Bday To Sasha and Jolie!! and have fun! *mess both's hair* uh oh zoom
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    70's Star Farrah Fawcett, 62, Dies Of Cancer

    I just find out from yahoo news i was shocked that She has passed away sudden wow!! but she is only young as 62 age. She is my favortie show i used watch all time till her's passed away and You will missed R I P Farrah Fawcett
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    Who is single here?

    Glad that i m stay single for 4 month now and i feel betta much free after break up last few month ago ... i m stay postive and keep myself busy ;)
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    My husband's death..

    I was not online that much but juz check on and saw ur post about ur hubby's passed away i m sorry heard abt ur loss hubby and hang in there
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    YAYA!! since My roomate is LOST Bet bec i m won bet :giggle: yaya abt time kick Redwing's butt! but they are good gme :D there will alway next yr :P
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Not if Redwing will kick pitt's butt tonight so juz wait n see what happen tonight :hmm:
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Can't wait watch trw night see if Pitt can have chace kick Red wing's butt or not since it'll be LAST Game :fingersx::fingersx:
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    Friday - What are you doing that day?

    Trw (friday) which my night off....i m not sure what i do have plan for trw(friday).. and maybe visit good friend of mine either go Deaf club depend my mood
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    Gemma! Gemma! Hey!!!

    Happy Bday n have fun! :)
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Pittsburgh is won tonight 2 against redwing 1 which 3 ties so gotta wait till friday will be LAST Game for CHAMP *glare at MoonFlower* :P
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    David Carradine found dead in Thailand

    Saw on Yahoo news yesterday i was shocked news abt David's death and i use watch the movie long time ago
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    The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XIV

    Thankd god it's FRIDAY! YAYA i will be out of town gonna to Mich visit see mah few friends this weekend then come home on monday before return to work since my right elbow is little healing
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    Congratulations to....

    :shock: 30k?!?! damn and congrate Vamp
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    Lisa Gore passed away

    Ouchies i m sorry heard abt Lisa's passing since She is ready go home w/God