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    I'm hoh and learning sign,been having trouble finding a deaf person with same interest but finally did. I went to a dhhsc (deaf center) pot luck for thanksgiving and met a guy into paintball,after a couple of cancelations we finally got hooked up. He invited me to play with him and 10 other...
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    I'm done with closed captions.

    cc vs subtitle hoh.......Iv been using cc for about 10 years, i dont find it distracting and dont miss any action you get used to it. My wife and son somtimes dont like it but if i dont use it the tv has to be cranked way up, that more annoying. one kool thing is i love music and with cc you...
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    Hello From California!!

    california, central valley buget or not cali rocks
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    Hi, Just discoverd I'm going deaf.

    Hey don't give up on surgery, i'v alway been deaf in left ear and partial deaf in right.My right ear started getting worse untill i was deaf but after repairing my middle ear bones i got half my hearing back in my right ear. Hey some is better than none. I'm learning asl and participating in...
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    New here, and newly deaf

    Amy, sorry to hear what happened to you,thats terrible and I hope he's punished. I'm surprised you can lip read so well, thats great. I myself have had hearing issues all my life ,i'v been deaf but got some hearing back through might try learning asl. I have been learning asl, I...
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    I think I did the right thing

    you'r a true friend, i hope one day she'll see that
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    What would you do if Someone call you Deaf & Dumb ?

    I'm hoh, but i have been called deaf and dumb, I don't like it ,i don't think its funny and whoever says it to me is looking for a world of hurt. Few things really piss me off but thats definitely one of them. I don't want to complain, but hearing people just don't understand.To hearing...
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    AllDeaf members ages

    i'm 42
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    Just joined

    i dont know much about hearing dogs but i do know about learning asl. iv been hoh all my life but iv also been deaf at times,i regained part of my hearing through surgery.(had lots of deaf days then hearing days.somtimes id go to sleep and not know how id wake up) one day i'll probobly be deaf...
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    tatoos I'm heavily tattooed but i'v put a lot of thought into my designs no rash decisions. Also with a t shirt and pants you'd never know i was tattooed, i'v gotten some weird reactions from people who meet me and later see me in a tank top,come on i'm the same person. How would you like to...
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    Ugh.. Being Deaf Sucks

    keep your head up I'm sorry to hear about you situation, sometimes you have to grin and bear it. Myself i'v been hearing ,deaf and now back to hearing.I'm learning asl to prepaire for the inevidible (one day hear no more) For me its been hard,some days I could hear some days not,people...
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    Do you live in California?

    I live in ca. not everyone lives in l a or s f . I live in a town called Merced about 1 hour north of Fresno. Its not so expensive here but jobs also pay less. It gets really hot here in the summer but the good thing is Merced is pretty cheap not to crazy on traffic and the best thing is...
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    valley deaf festival

    valley deaf festival in Clovis ca. thats near Fresno. June 7 2008 from 10am-4pm at 453 Hughes ave. clovis ca. contact at
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    anyone into off-roading?

    pic of me and my quad up in northern cali
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    anyone into off-roading?

    love the off road ,have a 500 susuki quad my friend and i go all the time near yosemite. theres some great places to go in northern cal.
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    New old guy

    Hey Sorry to hear about your situation. I'm hoh myself, i'v been lucky to work in a place where everyone is willing to help me if i have a communication problem. Most time I get by fine but theres been time when I was basicly deaf (regained some hearing through surgeries) and my co-workers...
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    What Bores you the Most?

    most boring watching sports, why watch when you can play? beside who whats to see millionairs crying about a missed catch.shot.or hit. boring
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    disabled or not I don't care if you concider youself disabled or not, if you can work you should. Nothing gives a person self worth more than a job well done.I don't care if its cooking burgers or raising a child. Myself i'v been deaf for short periods of time but had surgery and regained...
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    new to alldeaf

    I'v been on this site several times and found it interesting. I'm hard of hearing and have been in asl classes for 9 months. I'v meet a few deaf people and enjoyed signing, just trying to find a deaf person with some of same interest and close to my age in my area to hang out.