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    Linguistics and ASL

    There is another component of ASL that you can't really compare to English or French. You would know if you read the ASL linguistics manual. NMMs... Non Manual Markers. in other words, facial expressions, locations of signs, direction, body shifting, etc... I would recommend to read "Linguistics...
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    How many deafies here know languages besides English and ASL?

    I was a student of linguistics in my college days, and in high school I learned French and German. I studied abroad in Germany for the Sommersemester 1996 and loved it. German is like my third native language now, since I have known it since 1990. I still keep in contact with my German friends...
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    2014 Travel Plans

    I traveled in SE Asia in 2011, so if you want local deaf contacts, I can see if they would like to guide you in the area. I traveled for 4 months in VietNam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, China and South Korea and met numerous Deaf people in my travels. I kinda...
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    Which next state to legalize the gay marriage?

    The Supreme Court decided to place a stay on same sex marriages, but we remain optimistic that the state will be on the same page as us.
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    an extraordinary path to the teahouse...

    I hiked Hua Shan back in 2011. Beautiful yet terrifying. I did meet a deaf couple on top of one of the peaks of Mt Hua.
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    How are you feeling today?....

    have not checked on alldeaf for months, curious!
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    pasta, with chicken and sauce made with veggies (garlic, onion, carrot, pepper, marsala wine, chicken broth, lemon juice). It was yummy and light.
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    Korean cucumber kimchi, cooked with tofu and bean sprouts. Eaten with jasmine rice. It was so good.
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    Awsome and positive hearing people stories

    my partner of soon-to-be 8 years is hearing. When we first dated, we would write back and forth and I told him about the local deaf centre which offered free ASL classes. He signed up for it straightways and went on to take up two more courses. He also became used to my speaking (which I know is...
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    DeafNation World Expo 2012 Information

    I was there in the last DeafExpo and enjoyed my time there, even tho the weather was so darn hot and I kept missing to meet fellow allDeafers. Perhaps this time!
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    My annoucement

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    Where's Your Favorite Place to Be & Live?

    I live in the SLC valley here and love it here. The mountains are in my backyard, and there are many national parks here. It's easy to go hiking anytime. But I am originally from New Jersey and lived about 15 minutes from the big ocean. I think each place has their own endearing qualities and...
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    Don't tell me that deaf people are poor tippers, please....

    I always tip 20% and if the service was poor, I try to think why it was considered poor and "talk" with the waiter in a constructive criticism method, maybe it could help the waiter to realise his errors and improve. Or maybe the waiter was just having a busy day. It's easy to do 20%. Just...
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    Do you care for music signed in ASL?

    sometimes I feel like I am a judge on deaf American Idol, when I am watching such videos. The first few seconds, if they are so bad, I close the video FAST. Very few of them attract my attention. Am I a deaf Simon Cowell? Heh
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    What are you thinking about? Part II

    has an early flight tomorrow morning to the East Coast... today was my last day to work and will be off for a week. I just feel like staying up late and relaxing but I hafta go sleep soooooon blaaaaaah heh
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    UV light reveals how ancient Greek statues really looked

    A great article! It opened a new perspective for me. Having gone to Athens and Greece and seeing countless statues, I never thought that they would be painted. Now it looks much more colourful for me!
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    Thread about Tofu

    I love Tofu stirfried with fish sauce and lemongrass. It is a classical Vietnamese dish.
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    What did you learn today?

    I learned that there were sales for tickets from LAX to Cook Islands for only $640 return. Booked a ticket for October for a week! Whooooo! Can't wait to fly with Air New Zealand and see Cook Islands.
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    The Tea or Coffee Game

    Ottawa is not in Québec. It's in Ontario, actually. The town across the river, Gatineau, is in Québec. Just thought I should let you know! :-) Mini-golf. hiking or fishing?
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    Food Cheaper Thread

    We tend to go to the local Asian or Mexican food stores to get our groceries. Sometimes their deals are so hard to beat compared to big-chain box store retailers. We eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits rather than buying canned from stores. We avoid frozen food and packaged food like highly...