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  1. FreakCandy

    Hello i am new, From Texas

    Aw man Aaron is that u?? :shock:
  2. FreakCandy

    What is your fave color??

  3. FreakCandy

    update pics of CoolieFroggie's son

    Big Pics I Ever Seen @.@
  4. FreakCandy

    Doctor Says Woman Has Sleep-Sex Disorder

    whoa interz
  5. FreakCandy

    What is your A/S/L?

    Human/16/F/TX I'm young here too finally other person who 16
  6. FreakCandy

    Any1 like to eat ketchup with scambled eggs?

    MEMEMEME i love it! PLUS i would like to have fresh shrawberry on it =)
  7. FreakCandy


    Um we already did it i think u missed the thread
  8. FreakCandy

    Have You Noticed?

    Have u notice this thread is still alive
  9. FreakCandy

    Three Little Words!

    I love you
  10. FreakCandy

    Vibrating Sponge Duck a Sex Toy?

  11. FreakCandy

    How do you feel when hearing ppls. are...

    sometime it bother me when they whispter and laughin while lookin at me. I did walk to them "Dou have any problems with me and my friends" they walk off
  12. FreakCandy

    Three Little Words!

    this is very
  13. FreakCandy

    Lack of Closed Captioning...I'm Furious

    it made me mad cuz i couldnt undy wat my favorite show talkin abt GRR
  14. FreakCandy

    Who wears hearing aids?

    i'm wearin hearin aids. i keep gettin it to get fix cuz i'm improvein my hearing sense
  15. FreakCandy


    I quit BMX cuz my mom keep complain abt scars.
  16. FreakCandy


    Gross :crazy: u can see the private area :yuk:
  17. FreakCandy

    Hello from California

  18. FreakCandy

    I'm Back :-)

    hmm welcome back
  19. FreakCandy


  20. FreakCandy

    Post your best picture ever!