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  1. illustrator

    What do you and Your Partner Fight Most about?

    I had fight with my parents over... car... not finish my chore... :mrgreen: and credit card
  2. illustrator

    Insane price on the Playstation 3

    it's jerk people fault who keep think Nintendo is for kiddie. That's why Nintendo is have had hard time to find third-party to make games for them.
  3. illustrator

    Insane price on the Playstation 3

    new Nintendo system will sell for less $200. Haw haw.
  4. illustrator

    I am angry with parents

    That's few I actually met deaf who have bad parents, manage to doing well. I am surprise. Some of them prove that their parents are wrong! :giggle:
  5. illustrator

    Help me understand why...

    long time ago was different time, daughter. :) more money earn, I can get better lifestyle I wanted.
  6. illustrator

    Help me understand why...

    while have SSI, allow to have only part-time - earn up to $500 max. :crazy: Less $900 isn't enough. I need CAR!!!!
  7. illustrator

    I am angry with parents

    From what I hear many stories from real life that deafie seem have no future. In first place, I was angry on them. No... I blame their parents for not teach them something right. They seem give hard time on hearing impaired child. NOTE: It's about hearing parents not deaf parents.... I...
  8. illustrator

    Help me understand why...

    :bump: When I had SSI for first two years in my college year. It wasn't enough to support for myself. I was in hell stress. No money to spend for fun. What's wrong with it? I look up on hearing student. They work hard on full-time job while go school full-time. If they can do it. Then I can...
  9. illustrator

    The Real Killer Sidekick

    excellent. Is that because of lack battery and poor coverage? :-D
  10. illustrator

    Know any safe area Apt complex in Arizona?

    wow... I am surprise, they like to live in desert. With large supply of water. Unbelieveable.
  11. illustrator

    Is it okay to call people a retard ?

    remember the movie - "Demo Man"? :) People being fine for use nasty lanugage. ;)
  12. illustrator

    I Graduated!

    correct. The only thing you can be professional, for college level. Not much money to earn. More important is years of experience. The more, you will earn... There is no such a quick cash to start. If have MA for doctor, make lot money, but in deep debt. oh yeah.
  13. illustrator

    Wendy's bets on 'drive-thru' only

    Wendy's is the only best at classic bacon hamburge. Accord to Maxim magazine. :naughty: ... :o
  14. illustrator

    Kerry vs Bush

    I notice many famous sport players donate more on Bush. :aw:
  15. illustrator

    Wendy's bets on 'drive-thru' only

    umm... Burger Street does have eat-in. It's quite small, indeed...
  16. illustrator

    WalMart is crazy!..

    I went to bar at the bowl. The old lady asked for my ID before purchase beer. She looked at my ID. "My gosh! I don't believe that you would be much older than you seem"
  17. illustrator

    Tauntings, ridiculings, being picked on in school

    When I have grandchildren who stay home and use computer via internet for school time. I would said them "When I was your age. I go school!"
  18. illustrator

    Wendy's bets on 'drive-thru' only

    "after we got home, eggs and milk @#$% rotten already!"
  19. illustrator

    Wendy's bets on 'drive-thru' only

    :cry: Wendy's have goes mad! I guess we, hearing impaired, will give hard time on Wendy's.