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  1. MacFreak

    Lake Windfall

    Have anyone see Lake Windfall yet? I have not see yet. How about you? What do you think of this?
  2. MacFreak

    list of deaf filmmakers

    What about Lake Windfall? I cannot remember name who make film.
  3. MacFreak

    Save My VRS

    I am laughing at CrazyPaul. ZVRS stood up for not like other VRS trying to hide the information. Therefore you Paul like cheater like others. Wake up let it be CLEAN and honest.
  4. MacFreak

    CSDVRS fined $1.4 Million dollars

    ZVRS paid fines and got FCC certificated. What left is PurpleVRS, Convo, Sorenson. Yes, they will have to pay the fines again. Believe me.
  5. MacFreak

    Behind the Scenes and Interview with Lake Windfall

    Check Lake Windfall: Behind the Scenes - YouTube
  6. MacFreak

    Rustic LanternFilm "Lake Windfall" deaf film

    Other one Deaf Today v3.0: New Film from Rustic Lantern Films (DEAF, Inc.)
  7. MacFreak

    Rustic LanternFilm "Lake Windfall" deaf film

    There is a article about deaf film making film. Check it. Centerfield
  8. MacFreak

    Lake Windfall film

    I found article deaf film making film. Check it
  9. MacFreak

    Rustic Lantern Films

    Anyone you heard about other new Deaf film company called Rustic Lantern Films. Its at What is it? Anyone know? :wave:
  10. MacFreak

    andriod black screen

  11. MacFreak

    andriod black screen

    I didnt know that you are very SMART.. Haha! Its not extremely close.. Take a look at it. Linux vs Unix - Difference and Comparison | Diffen LOL! I rest my case. Processes: 112 total, 5 running, 2 stuck, 105 sleeping, 966 threads 13:21:27 Load Avg: 1.15, 1.26, 1.18 CPU usage: 1.76%...
  12. MacFreak

    Rustic Lantern Films seeking Actors/Actress/Crews

    Rustic Lantern Films The DEAF EMPOWERMENT AWARENESS FOUNDATION (DEAF INC.) Is proudly pleased to announce the long awaited launch of their history making creation of an innovative film production company called "RUSTIC LANTERN FILMS". It is the company's goal to create a better and much...
  13. MacFreak

    andriod black screen

    :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: Android is not UNIX. Its based on Linux and java. Android (operating system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Linux sucks therefore Android sucks :giggle::wave:
  14. MacFreak

    DEAF Inc's cool eNews

    Dont you remember Lisa from ZVRS? You'd Be Surprised What Z4 Mobile and iPad 2 Can Do! - YouTube
  15. MacFreak

    youtube gonna change :)

  16. MacFreak

    Did you know about Rustic Lantern Films

    I just found out on Facebook about Rustic Lantern Films and didnt realized its a new Deaf Film business. Check and learned that they are seeking actors and actress. Check Rustic Lantern Films: Cast Calling also need crews. Check it. I did apply and hope get...
  17. MacFreak

    Reality TV... Love It or Hate It?

    Hell kitchen, Pawn Star, Storage war and Whale War.
  18. MacFreak

    Wow! Rustic Lantern Films other Deaf film business

    I just learned new Deaf film business. Have you guys check it. Its awesome.
  19. MacFreak

    Why is it that relationships with age gaps seem to spark such fear in people?

    I agreed. My wife and I are 13 years apart. We love each other so much.