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  1. Mewtilation

    Cinnabon Experts Please Chime in

    OMG Cinnabon!!! :drool:
  2. Mewtilation

    Woman gets impaled in buttocks due to distracted driving

    :giggle: I know it's terrible to giggle... but it could have been worse... maybe she won't text and drive anymore... It's against the law in FL too. I'm about tired of seeing accidents from it here too. :mad: The sad fact is texting and driving is starting to account for more accidents than...
  3. Mewtilation

    Chinese girl looking for ASL user

    Well, this isn't a dating group... per se. It is a Deaf forum... while we have a thread for dating and relationships where you have posted this thread, I don't think I have really personally seen many successful... connections... really. I personally suggest that you seek a website more geared...
  4. Mewtilation

    How are you feeling today?....

    Like crap. :D :thumb: :laugh2:
  5. Mewtilation

    Dating sites for deaf butch/femmes?

    Hey, you're attracted to what you're attracted to... I don't judge someone for having preferences. Personally I'm feminine but am not at all attracted to masculine lesbians... not... in... the... slightest. The closest I have ever got to dating a butchy lesbian was a very VERY soft butchy...
  6. Mewtilation

    How is your weather today??

    Stormy.... been in the upper 90's all week.... :doh: Can't wait for it to start cooling down! Of course once it starts getting cooler I'll start complaining wishing it was warmer... I wish it could just stay in the 70's year round!
  7. Mewtilation

    What are you doing right now?

    Catching up... :P
  8. Mewtilation

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    I am thinking about old people drivers, and how their licenses should be revoked after a certain age... or how they should be written and visually tested every 2 or 1 years after a certain age... :mad: :roll: :mad:
  9. Mewtilation

    The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XVIII

    *nods* But... can I ask.... sends you smoothies? What? :laugh2: I totally agree with calling me babe and stuff, that annoys the ever-living heck out of me... but sending me.... smoothies? What? :laugh2:
  10. Mewtilation

    The beheading of James Foley :(

    This is absolutely terrible... My heart goes out to his loved ones... :(
  11. Mewtilation

    Labor Day 2014

    Sleeping.... and more sleeping.... yay... sleep. :thumb:
  12. Mewtilation

    losing my hearing at 25... help

    If I was being un-supportive, you would know... ;) The way you worded your previous paragraph would lead others to believe you were referring to verbal distortions in your voice. I am an Advanced Physicians Assistant who works in triage, I assure you... I know as well. My years in medical...
  13. Mewtilation

    Two people died of toilet stench

    Yes, I'm serious.... They poo in buckets and seal them... let it ferment and then sniff it up days later to get high.... dead.... serious.... You can't make that crap up.... :laugh2: :barf:
  14. Mewtilation

    Tony Stewart hits, kills walking driver on sprint-car track

    Why would you get out of your car and walk onto the track?! That's just something you don't do.... Those cars are going too fast... you don't walk onto a track like that. Granted I know Stewart has a temper and everything, a lot of those guys do... but you don't walk onto a track like that. That...
  15. Mewtilation

    Would you lose trust in your roommate?

    At least the roommate kicked them out! They didn't try to cover up for them, they owned up and kicked them out. I would trust them. I might not be as quick to trust their judgement on a future roommate though! :laugh2:
  16. Mewtilation


    Yeah, it's 5 or 10, definitely not 50.
  17. Mewtilation

    Post your gas prices Part II

    Paid $3.08 today! :D :thumb:
  18. Mewtilation

    How is your weather today??

    Not too bad, rainy as usual... :doh: Hurricane season in full swing today! So now it will be a good time... :P
  19. Mewtilation

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    Thinking about sleep... Why do you evade me sleep! Time to switch back to Lunesta! :D
  20. Mewtilation

    How are you feeling today?....

    I am feeling..... blah! I hate Mondays! Well, it's Tuesday now.... I can't wait for Friday already! I had a good weekend though, but I think it went way too fast! :doh: