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  1. athleticandy88

    Can anyone help me?

    I work at that has alot of deaf/hard of hearing people that comes in *I'm hard of hearing* but I am not here 24/7 like the manager that here 8 hours a day 6 days a week. im trying to find a picture menu that shows pictures of things that they could be asking for when they come...
  2. athleticandy88

    Free hearing aid batteries

    Heres the link: Energizer Zero Mercury Promotion - Register
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    i went to stanleys today and it was so loud, i couldnt hear the tour guide and i got honked at my a forklift driver and couldnt hear it.. bad safety
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    yeah now im starting to really feel like total shit, i mean what can i do as a deaf hard of hearing person to have income? fastfood/customer services/phones doesnt work out well.. agh life isnt goin well for me. my 20th bday is on Tax day, i want to have a good life...
  5. athleticandy88


    I'm 19, hard of hearing wears two hearing aids and I stopped by at a iforce service.. and so they were going to put me into an warehouse at Stanleys for honda/nissan car parts and all.. so Ive asked. what do i have to do or should do so i won't hurt myself by being punish for backing out of a...
  6. athleticandy88

    Ohio's Gov. Strickland

    Hey, I am 19, turning 20 In 9 days. I wrote a letter to the Gov. In e-mail and got a pretty good response.. Dear Mr. Snyder: Thank you for your recent letter concerning expanding the Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps. I appreciate you taking the time to contact my office...
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    I put this in with the other thread, but it was old. wasn't sure if it was going to be read so I re-posted it.. sorry I just put in an appication in on Feb 29th, and waited a week. and than Called everyday to talk to two asst. manager for 3rd trik, finally they've talked to each other and one...
  8. athleticandy88

    my friend applied walmart

    I just put in an appication in on Feb 29th, and waited a week. and than Called everyday to talk to two asst. manager for 3rd trik, finally they've talked to each other and one said to get me in the door if I'm ok, so I've called another time and they said they had to look @ the computer and...
  9. athleticandy88

    My parents are going to let me learn how to sign

    Well congrats, but I don't understand why you waited for a permission granted to be able to learn ASL, it's your life that your going to live not theirs... Do what going to help you in life...
  10. athleticandy88

    Free hearing aid Batteries.

    I am a 19 year old Hearing aid user of size 675.. I got a thing in the mail for this and i applied for it under 8 different emails/home address of family and friends to get me free hearing aid batteries.. they have different sizes...
  11. athleticandy88

    Possible Discrimnation against Arby's.

    So do I need to tell the manager that I'm seeking further help from the government and ADA to help me if I don't get my raise that I should be accepting? or what. I haven't yet went to the Deaf services but they asked if I could come in on a tuesday or thursday but I don't know my work schedule...
  12. athleticandy88

    Possible Discrimnation against Arby's.

    I am an Empolyer of Arby's Fastfood for the payrate of $6.85 for the last 8th months, When I Interviewed I was asked several questions about my ability with my hearing aids of what I can and can't do, I explained to them this is my first real job and knowing alittle bit about the fastfood...
  13. athleticandy88

    Thoughts of a Deaf Child

    My family knew that I was deaf When I was only three, and since then fifteen years ago Have never signed to me. I know when I'm around the house, I try and use my voice, It makes them feel more comfortable; For me I have no choice. I try, communicate their way Uncomfortable for me. My...
  14. athleticandy88

    Fraudlant On My Tmobile Account!!!

    Fraudlant On My Tmobile Account!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all T-Mobile cellphone user. I am a victium with fraudlant on my account since February of 2007, I've had 13 unauthorized credit cards payments to my cellphone. Due to...
  15. athleticandy88

    Free Education for HOH/DEAF In College

    No I did not attend OSD or do not attend at OSD. I graduated from Regulars schools that wasn't mean for D/HH. & also, VBR tell me what Its all about cause I only know what I heard people say. I dont know really from the fact of what all they can do or what they're here for.
  16. athleticandy88

    Free Education for HOH/DEAF In College

    Whom should I be talking to about this? I have a severe hearing loss and I'm not really getting all that on my Fasfa & grants due to my Hearing. so alot of people been telling me that I should be getting that free education and yet I haven't received any Information on It. Whom do I go to, to...
  17. athleticandy88

    Website I want to create

    Deafdispatch - Deaf Dispatch i am wanting to create this site for the deaf and hard of hearing but im clueless of what all to put? anyone willing to help me out. You will be greatly appericated!!
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    {Mod Edit: E-mail address removed for privacy reasons, want the e-mail, PM member for it--~RR} it on facebook.
  19. athleticandy88

    creat'n website 4 the deaf/HoH

    I like to create a website for the deaf & Hard of Hearing. so please anyone would like to help me put the page together I'll be really happy. I have this right now, Deafdispatch - Deaf Dispatch so please leaves tips or anything or other info that I can possibly put on the...