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    Deaf guy on CBS's "The Amazing Race"

    Darn... they came so close--until the surfboard thing, they were way in the lead. (After seeing the other teams drop the pig in the sand so many times, I had to wonder whether they'd be told to go back and get another pig, because nobody would want to eat a pig that had been dropped in the...
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    HDTV and Closed Captioning

    A couple of weeks ago, I finally got an ATSC TV--ironic, since it was the fourth anniversary of my having gone to work for a company doing digital TV software, with my first job being implementing EIA-708B CC--and last weekend, we swapped out the old digital cable box for a new, HD capable one...
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    HDTV and Closed Captioning

    I'm puzzled by that. The captioning for non-digital TV has minimal error detection (the bytes sent in Line 21 are "odd parity," i.e. each byte has an odd number of bits set to 1) and no error correction. If either byte of the two bytes sent at a time fails parity check, they're both tossed...
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    TV captions (just a vent)

    Captioning for analog TV (NTSC) has almost no error detection, and no error correction. Each character of the text is sent as an eight-bit byte with what's called "odd parity", i.e. the sender turns one of the bits (the most significant one, I believe) on or off so each byte has an odd number of...
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    TV Tuners Compatible w/Ubuntu & Display CC

    Back to topic: I know that the Hauppauge WinTV tuner cards work with Linux. As far as captioning goes, it's more a question of the application; there is a library for reading the vertical blanking interval that gives access to the Line 21 data. xawtv doesn't display captioning, as far as I...
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    How do you know a TV correctly implements captioning?

    I was curious. The FCC does "type acceptance" of devices to make sure they don't emit too much RFI, so surely they would check digital TVs for conformance to FCC 00-259, right? Wrong. I called the FCC and eventually got the answer: they're counting on consumers to complain about TVs that...
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    The Benefits of Captioning for Hearing People

    Even analog captioning allows for four caption services, so in theory they've been able to provide bilingual captioning for a long time. It's up to the people making the program to do it.
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    The Benefits of Captioning for Hearing People

    Sure. In a cafe, they typically have the volume turned all the way down on the TVs on the wall, so even hearing people are effectively deaf in that context. On my computer, there's an application that will grab the captioning, so in theory I could write a program that pulls the TV screen...
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    Interpreted performances at Siouxland Renaissance Festival on Sunday, June 4th

    The Siouxland Renaissance Festival will have sign language interpreters at the following performances on Sunday, June 4: 11:00 a.m. Lolly Pockets - Storytree Stage (Children) 12:00 noon Mistress Bawd - Bare Knuckle Pub (Adult) 12:45 p.m. My Lady’s Cutlass - Bare Knuckle Pub (Adult) 1:30...
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    Sign up for people who strongly believes in ASL for d/Deaf children s rights.

    Hmmm. Sounds like they want to set themselves up as the ASL equivalent of the Academie Francaise or the Academia Real, deciding what is and isn't valid ASL. I don't know whether that will go over any better than attempts to do the same for English have, for all the times I've kvetched about not...
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    motherboard--no audio

    I'm not sure you'll have much luck finding one without onboard audio, any more than looking for one that doesn't have hardware that will handle a floppy drive even though floppies are on the verge of being obsolete. As others have said, though, there are a lot of inexpensive motherboards out...
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    linux gentoo

    One thing to check if you're using Ubuntu: do an hdparm on the CD device. Ubuntu up to Breezy Badger tends to default CD/DVD drives to not use DMA, I guess to make sure some very old CD drives that can't do DMA will still work. (Dapper Drake, still in testing, appears to go ahead and set up CD...
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    linux gentoo

    The minimal disk is really minimal...just enough to get you up and running with networking so you can continue from there using emerge to get the packages you want. A lot depends on the bandwidth of your connection and how long you're willing to wait for things to compile. (On an Athlon XP...
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    How would one sign "The House That Jack Built" in ASL?

    I don't have that idea. ASL is indeed a full language. The Deaf knew it all along, and William Stokoe convinced everyone else over forty years ago. (Well, almost everyone else...I exchanged a few messages with someone here on this board a couple of years ago who didn't think ASL is a "real...
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    How would one sign "The House That Jack Built" in ASL?

    Eh? Surely ASL is complete in the sense that other languages are complete, i.e. there's nothing that you can say in English but not in ASL. Word play and the like won't carry over, of course--an ABC story translated into English necessarily won't be appreciated the way an ASL user will...
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    How would one sign "The House That Jack Built" in ASL?

    I ask because in spoken languages there seems to be a family of children's songs and stories that make use of, and maybe serve as instruction in, recursive grammar rules, with each verse or paragraph going one level deeper: "The House That Jack Built," "The Rattling Bog," "There's a Hole in the...
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    Closed caption in the news thur internet?

    That would be technically interesting in some ways. The big thing is that it wouldn't always be feasible to put the captioning on the video image--if it's sufficiently low-resolution, or the viewer keeps it small because it's being displayed on a computer too slow to deal with large video...
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    HDTV- no CC ?

    Broadcast digital TV (that you put up a non-satellite dish antenna to receive) works differently from satellite or cable digital TV. The upgrade probably added the hardware or software needed to deal with the different method.
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    HDTV- no CC ?

    Sorry... I was too lazy to look it up. It's odd parity.
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    Types of Captioning

    Check out 2005 Captioning Key (PDF format). That document specifies standards for how captioning should be done. One of the constraints is on how fast the captions force you to read. Captioning Key says captions should be verbatim, including slang and dialect, save where verbatim text would...