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  1. Ocie Denver

    I am back.

    Hi anyone. It's been years since last time I was here.
  2. Ocie Denver

    What Was The Name Of This Movie

    What year it made? Anything you can tell from filming technology era like early CGI or puppets? It would narrow down a lot.
  3. Ocie Denver

    Show off your desktop v.711

    I'm in mood for a good battle so I went for the klingons. On my gaming computer, built by myself. 1920x1080 on 24" television as temporary monitor until I can afford new larger gaming monitor. The source:
  4. Ocie Denver


    That's lot of SSDs. I hope they are used for OS drive only, not storage drives. They aren't lasting longer than traditional HDDs.
  5. Ocie Denver

    Bye to Patriots

    It's big deal because this year's Super Bowl is 50th since the dawn of american football. I rather not see Patriots brag more about make to Super Bowl, win or lose. I DO remember they made fun of Seahawks last year at Boston victory rally. NEVER FORGET IT.
  6. Ocie Denver

    Apple Event - Sept 2015

    Uh uh um. Chester Gould beat Apple to it in 1946 with Dick Tracy's Wrist Radio. He's quite creative guy, yet inspired the inventor of the pager and other radio-based gadgets.
  7. Ocie Denver

    ISIS got lots of Toyota trucks

    They can purchase the trucks though a shell corporation (fake company) or from black market profiteers.
  8. Ocie Denver

    Verbātim: For the deaf and hard of hearing

    The app contains in-app purchases (IAPs). What we are paying for?
  9. Ocie Denver

    Deaf Apple Forum/Discussion

    Unfortunately Samsung smartphones known for have bloatware, some are running in background without permit. If you want real performance test, use a Nexus smartphone with vanilla Android OS, not third party smartphones. I'm waiting for my pre-ordered Google Nexus 6P in November. My current...
  10. Ocie Denver

    Pot fed pigs, are happy wee pigs

    I had seen pigs fed on the leftovers from Las Vegas all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants. You think I'm joking? Watch the video below.
  11. Ocie Denver

    iPad screen

    Maybe an app ignored the settings. Look in an app's settings to turn it off. Otherwise, take a roll of duck tape... you know what to do.
  12. Ocie Denver

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Tao Chi Zero, Tao Chi Hero, Journey to the West (2013), and John Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Netflix. I thought Journey to the West (2013) supposed to tell the old chinese story in same title, turned out it's 'prequel story'.
  13. Ocie Denver


    Caz, you can download the iPad manual from Apple official website if you need it.
  14. Ocie Denver

    Apple Event - Sept 2015

    hm. New iPad is nothing new with 'top technology features'. Everything is copied from Windows Surface Pro. Frame to frame technology been existed as feature in digital cameras for enough long time. However it's nice to have new generation of iPads. I'll wait for new generation of Surface...
  15. Ocie Denver

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) on Netflix. At least no firework distractions although Michael Bay was one of the producers.
  16. Ocie Denver

    Interesting Wifi SSID

    It's a prank to name a WiFi network to scare nosey neighbors. I named my WiFi network 'Phantom Network'.
  17. Ocie Denver

    Is it possible to revive the smartphone

    I owned a HTC as first smartphone with slide keyboard. I rooted it in order to update it to current version of Windows Mobile. Sprint is infamous for their very late firmware updates ever one year after new release! Have you tried download a firmware to smartphone WITHOUT battery inside? I...
  18. Ocie Denver

    Is it possible to revive the smartphone

    I googled for you... If your phone is bricked so hard, then you are out of luck. Rooting a phone will void the manufacturer's warranty. Either take it to your phone carrier and exchange for replacement if you opted for...
  19. Ocie Denver

    Help with touchpad

    Have you try Tablet Mode? To enable it, open up Action Center and click Table Mode box. It will go full screen and act if you are using tablet.
  20. Ocie Denver

    Will TV become absolute someday?

    Yes. It's two-way wrist radio. It made a debut in January 13, 1946 as top-secret prototype found a way into Dick Tracy's hands. Dick Tracy and the police department started to use them exclusive in April 7, 1947. Today it evolved into 'Wrist Wizard', more advanced than Apple Watch included a...