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  1. Simown

    Programmer, Coder, Student

    Hands-on experience doesn't necessarily have to be a job (although that would be nice). But, as you are still learning it might be preferable to contribute to an open-source project which would allow you to work with other people in your own time and learn as you go. Even discounting that there...
  2. Simown

    Programmer, Coder, Student

    That's me! I am an engineer/software engineer for a global company in the UK. I program every day and work mainly with hardware. I am extremely hard of hearing and use a cochlear implant. I have been working there just under a year after I graduated. Discrimination is always going to happen I...
  3. Simown

    Deaf friends in Stockholm

    :welcome: Are you looking for friends from Stockholm in particular? There is quite a few types of sign language including American and British sign language (in America and Britain respectively), and I imagine a lot more. Do you know what sign language is used in Stockholm? Who are you wanting...
  4. Simown

    Hi Everyone!

  5. Simown

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Welcome! :wave:
  6. Simown

    losing my hearing at 25... help

    Hey Megan! I was late deafened too when I was about 17, it's difficult - those people that decide to treat you differently aren't really being friendly, true friends will stick by you no matter what! That's what I found anyway. Hearing aids and the like take a lot of getting used to, to start...
  7. Simown

    new here

    Welcome :D
  8. Simown

    Soon-to-be college student!

    Hey Sunny! Welcome :)
  9. Simown

    I'm Hearing and I Want To Make Some Deaf Friends

    Hey IceRose, welcome! :D Look forward to talking to you!
  10. Simown

    New here!

    Hey Silvara! :D
  11. Simown

    I'm partially deaf and Korean

    Hi Pikula! :welcome:
  12. Simown


    Hey Freya! Glad to see another European on the here. I've been to Germany quite a few times and would love to go back soon. Look forward to talking to you and seeing you around the forum :D
  13. Simown

    New girl from California!

    Hi there :) Welcome to the forum!
  14. Simown

    New, about to start ITP

    Pocoyo is my favourite. I don't think it's age restricted :laugh2:
  15. Simown

    Reverse Cookie Bite

    Helloooooo :) Sure someone around the forum will know something, good luck!
  16. Simown

    New, about to start ITP

    Hey Laney, welcome!
  17. Simown

    New HA user from London

    Welcome! :wave:
  18. Simown

    Favorite winter things to do?

    Hibernate mainly :fruit:
  19. Simown

    New Here

    Welcome :D
  20. Simown

    I'm back

    Thanks (I think) :D