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  1. MilitaryGirl83

    The Droid

    I am android fan.. I love my HTC hero! My sister has the Droid and she loves it so much as well!
  2. MilitaryGirl83

    $3.37 beer lands Quebec man back in jail

    Geez...when will people learn? :roll:
  3. MilitaryGirl83

    Another Earthquake, off coast of Japan!!! 7.3!

    What is birth pangs exactly?:confused:
  4. MilitaryGirl83

    Va. Lawmaker: Disabled Kids are God's Punishment for Abortion

    This pisses me off! God wouldn't punish innocent children! God loves us no matter what and He accepts us for who we are! I am pro-choice but I don't agree with the man has said. I hope he does get voted out! If we made abortion illegal then it would be a step back to women's right to...
  5. MilitaryGirl83

    Sidekick LX 2009 got that rocks! I have HTC hero and it has android system in it.. I am hooked.. once you are on android..never go back! :lol:
  6. MilitaryGirl83

    Valentine's Day, love it or hate it

    Spent Valentine's Weekend on Saturday night until Sunday afternoon with my Fiancee'. It was so romantic! On Saturday night, we stayed home but we cooked dinner, exchanged gifts then we just had wine and watched the movie! From my fiancee': A dozen red roses, card, Dove Chocolate heart candy box...
  7. MilitaryGirl83

    Does HTC Hero has strong and good virbation?

    If anyone have HTC Hero.. tell me if it has strong virbation and it is great? Please let me know soon! :wave:
  8. MilitaryGirl83

    Restaurant promotes sex in its bathrooms

    Ewww no.. do it somewhere else.. it makes me sick when I read it! *vomits*
  9. MilitaryGirl83

    Are you going to Deaf Nation World Expo?

    I may go depend on money and who would want to share a room with me also? I want to try to save money and having fun meeting yall! :)
  10. MilitaryGirl83

    Torn between HTC Hero and Blackberry Curve 8530...what to do now?

    I read at the sprint store and asked the lady who worked there about it and yes they do have hearingn aid compatible! :) Just get the phone that you really want and don't let the salesman get u the phone that you later end up regretting and hating the phone that u got instead of the phone you...
  11. MilitaryGirl83

    Doctors againsts ASL

    Wow dang.. I never experienced it. I had the best of both worlds.. I had speech therapy until high school but since pre-school I learned sign language so I am grateful that we had doctor and audiologists encouraging my parents to learn sign language and gave me all the tools in life that I...
  12. MilitaryGirl83

    Update with me on my 2nd CI since the surgery!

    Sure go ahead and pm me now I am available! :D
  13. MilitaryGirl83

    Torn between HTC Hero and Blackberry Curve 8530...what to do now?

    I can't afford the hero supersonic yet when it comes out :( But I made the final decision after playing with the HTC hero a bit longer in the Sprint store.. here I come.. HTC Hero in the first week of March! I am glad I followed my heart and knew it was the right choice for me! :)
  14. MilitaryGirl83

    Student pranked by airport security worker

    Very stupid :mad: He shouldn't be doing this and working at the job ever again! Poor girl.. I hope that she is ok and that she doesn't have fears of flying now due to of what has happened to her recently with the prank.
  15. MilitaryGirl83

    Doctors againsts ASL

    I agree with Ron on this one. I never had experience with doctors telling me just to get CI only and all that. I am just lucky that they have given me and my parents the choices available. My doctor was the one that told my mom to get me hearing aid since CI at the time was not the best and she...
  16. MilitaryGirl83

    What's with the judgements against people including myself having an CI or two?

    I believe it is a personal choice for a person to have an CI based on how they were raised and what reasons. As for myself, I grew up in hearing family and I had wore hearing aid my whole life. My parents gave me the best tools in my life which would be oral and sign language. Most of my life, I...
  17. MilitaryGirl83

    Just got a letter today from......

    Wow I consider myself lucky then because my audiologist let me make the choice to have 2nd CI and there was no pressure at all. She made sure I have the interpreter in case if there is anything I couldn't understand. She does use sign language also and she is a very nice lady. I haven't met an...
  18. MilitaryGirl83

    If you had the choice?

    Odd.. I had medicaid and they paid for my 2nd CI surgery and all with no problems at all!
  19. MilitaryGirl83

    Update with me on my 2nd CI since the surgery!

    The CI surgery went well and I had a long road to recovery but now everything looks good and I had my CI activated this morning. When it was turned on and we had some adjustments to the mapping.. I heard people talking but not specific words but background noise is still static. The...
  20. MilitaryGirl83

    Torn between HTC Hero and Blackberry Curve 8530...what to do now?

    I am leaving from Verizon and switching to Sprint since my fiancee' has been with Sprint for 8 years with no problems at all. I was all excited to get Blackberry Curve 8530 until I realized that I will miss touchscreen..been hearing great things about HTC Hero. Right now I have LG Voyageur which...