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  1. Schermy

    Deaf Harley Rally?

    Go to Deaf Motorcycle Links and that will give you a listing of all the events going on. :-)
  2. Schermy

    The Trio Game

  3. Schermy

    The Trio Game

    Ding Ding............folks we have a winner!!!
  4. Schermy

    The Trio Game

    HA HA I have NEVER seen the movie but I hear people quote that all the time. Not a bad guess on my part!! LOL OK here we gooooooooooooooooooo: 1. halloween time 2. phone home 3. reese's pieces
  5. Schermy

    Marlee Matlin may go Dancing With the Stars

    yeah Marlee.............She had my votes!!!!
  6. Schermy

    motorcycle sub forum?

  7. Schermy

    14 Tips of Surviving in College

    Shower for the farter!!!!
  8. Schermy

    motorcycle sub forum?

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who asked you!!!!!!!!!! :giggle: :giggle: Good thing you are a friend or I'd have to come to TX and kick some butt!!!
  9. Schermy

    motorcycle sub forum?

    Now Bear.............when have you seene me misbehave??? :giggle: :giggle:
  10. Schermy

    The Trio Game

    The Godfather
  11. Schermy

    The Bachelor: London Calling

    I agree.......Shayne is gonna end up being a real pain in the ass!!!!!!!! I LOVE Holly. I hope she sticks around.
  12. Schermy

    14 Tips of Surviving in College

    may be like this????
  13. Schermy

    Just thought to share this...

  14. Schermy

    Would you or wouldn't you?

    I'm hearing and married to Deafie for 12 1/2 years. When we met it was an istant physical attraction( he was and still is HOT) but then after we got to know each other it was chemisty. We have our moments like any couple where we fight and one of us wishes the other was more like the other...
  15. Schermy

    74' Harley Sportster charging system

    Girls can't wrench?????
  16. Schermy

    Disney World/Florida

    OK I live in Florida (about 45 minutes SW of Oralndo) and I am aware there is no beach in Orlando but from there it's only 1 1/2 hr drive to the coast. Not "several" hours as you say.
  17. Schermy

    Disney World/Florida

    Hit the beach!!! We are going to be in the 80's all week so enjoy so time there!!!!! Also maybe the Kennedy Space center.
  18. Schermy

    CAR TROUBLE! Guess who?

    Ha Ha it's a red neck limo!!! LOL
  19. Schermy

    Help with Baby monitors

    Hello there.......I only know of the flasher so I can't help. It really worked for us. May be someone else would know if there is a vibrating one?