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  1. warpedpink

    Deaf drinking motor oil

    Lolol! but I think it’s a guy
  2. warpedpink

    Deaf drinking motor oil

    Ah I did look yesterday when you first posted but the videos weren’t there. They are now! Whatever lol ;) Saw the motor oil video. Not as bad as I thought but still sick.
  3. warpedpink

    Deaf drinking motor oil

    Don’t see it. Is it a public post?
  4. warpedpink

    Deaf drinking motor oil

    I’m looking for a video of a Deaf man (maybe woman) drinking motor oil. Can anyone link me?
  5. warpedpink

    Best baby monitor with these specifications:

    I need a baby monitor that... Has video Has bright flashing lights or wearable vibrations Bonus... Wireless Can connect with my iphone What do you recommend? Thanks!!
  6. warpedpink

    Deaf-friendly toddler toys

    Please recommend some Deaf-friendly toys and/or play centers for 6-24 month old babies. All I can find are ones that are strongly sound and music based. I'm looking for something that has lots of lights, tactile things or vibrations.
  7. warpedpink

    How Do You Keep Your Campsite Bright At Night?

    What do you use to keep your campsite bright enough at night so a group of 15 deaf people can chat comfortably? Specifics appreciated. i.e.: brand name of a lantern rather than just "lantern".
  8. warpedpink

    Facebook how-to querry

    I don't know what you're implying but I just want a way to do this without having to talk with anyone about it to the death. Any ideas?
  9. warpedpink

    Facebook how-to querry

    My (now ex) boyfriend and I broke up. Ive since changed my relationship status to private ("Only Me") but I want to change it single, or even nothing. How do I do that without it showing up on our friends anf acquaintance's news feed? Unfriending him is an option if FB won't put that on blast...
  10. warpedpink

    Hand Cleaner products for Cerebral Palsy individuals

    They can't rub their hands. I was envisioning some kind of soapy horse brush looking type of thing.
  11. warpedpink

    Hand Cleaner products for Cerebral Palsy individuals

    I am looking for an inexpensive product that will help people with cerebral palsy and limited hand/arm movement clean their hands and stay hygienic.. For example, one person's arm mobility is so limited, they can't touch hands (which means they can't scrub). Any ideas? Amazon prefered...
  12. warpedpink

    Deaf-related gift for 4 year old

    Once Upon a Sign DVDs
  13. warpedpink

    Deaf-related gift for 4 year old

    Shirts I found: different languages ILY ILY frog ASL peace lets hear it for deaf people princess 3 ILY kitties Name in ASL Hawaiian turtle ILY For mom;
  14. warpedpink

    Deaf-related gift for 4 year old

    i tutor and mentor a young, enthusiastic hearing mother of a toddler who is turning four in two weeks. I would like to buy this girl something Deaf/ASL related, but I'm not sure what.... Any suggestions?! A bit about her: She is a SUPER happy girl who loves looking at the pictures in books...
  15. warpedpink

    HANDS-OFF Weight Loss = Monetary Gain!

    HANDS-OFF Weight Loss is a friendly weight loss competition for members of the signing community. Everybody is welcome, regardless of shape, size, disability, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, etc. 1) To begin visit and click the orange button that says "Join...
  16. warpedpink

    Are there any fitness apps with English subtitles?

    Are there any apps (preferably for Android) that offer personal training or fitness training with videos and English subtitles?
  17. warpedpink

    Badass Motorcycle Helmet Recs?

    I would like to buy a motorcycle helmet (or something) that will allow my boyfriend to make and take phone calls, hear GPS instructions, and listen to music. Any recommendations?
  18. warpedpink

    My run away father is a cross-dresser.

    I just found this post. I'm curious, how is your guys relationship now?
  19. warpedpink

    are you transgender?

    Drago Renteria is a famous deaf trans* man. Look him up on facebook.
  20. warpedpink

    Suggestions for Beta Testing Programs

    I need to develop a Beta Testing Program. I'd appreciate recommendations on a great landing pages with overview for beta testing an online app, with benefits, etc. What do you suggest?