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    FCC fines Purple Communications $11.9 millions dollars for improper billing

    Color Psychology: Explore the psychological impact of the color purple on communication and perception. Brand Identity: Discuss how companies use the color purple in their branding and how it influences consumer perception and communication.
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    Difference between seo, digital marketing and internet marketing

    The impact of AI on digital marketing strategies: Enhancing personalization and targeting." "Exploring the role of influencer marketing in today's digital landscape." "Content marketing trends to watch in 2024: Video, podcasts, and interactive content." "Measuring ROI in digital marketing: Key...
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    Business Founding / Accelerator Programs for HOH/DEAF

    Mobile Marketing Strategies: Reaching Customers on the Go" "The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing Strategies" "Email Marketing: Leveraging the Inbox for Success" "Influencer Marketing: Strategies for Authentic Engagement" "Measuring ROI in Digital Marketing: Metrics and Analytics.