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  1. javapride

    this is important question

    Again WOW with all the comments. Well the door issue has been resolved i gave him a warning, and if he continues it will be a consqueseal issue, since that has been resolved theres been more issue both the boyfriend and the youngest kid do not get along at all and the mother is stuck in the...
  2. javapride

    this is important question

    bathroom situations are different its the bedroom door that is unnessary
  3. javapride

    this is important question

    WOW alot of responses all in the same format thank you on this that makes me feel better now as for clatrficiation, let me expand that, the mother is deaf and has full custody of the kids, the boyfriend lives there, he has been told never to lock the door at night so that her kids can come in...
  4. javapride

    this is important question

    hi everyone i know you all are shocked im back after a long hitaus. but this has been bothering me for some time now and i need some answers asap please... im curious, should a deaf boyfriend lock the bedroom door when deaf mother who has a deaf kid and and others... She has told him once...
  5. javapride

    Sudden passing of Staggie AKA Deaflucky7

    seq you know him stephen godfrey...
  6. javapride

    Sudden passing of Staggie AKA Deaflucky7

    RIP to our friend and comrade, he left this world at 5 pm today, his daughters announced it on facebook under stephen godfrey, he will never be forgotten! farewell my friend, you were gone too soon, but never will be forgotten. :(:angel::angel:
  7. javapride

    Scam Alert...

    Real simple guys, instead of complaining about it, do something change your email addresses, and set one up for scam and junk mails, thats what i did and i go in once a week to clear it up. this way i do not have to stress on the scammers and the bs, only FEW poeple know my email address and...
  8. javapride

    AllDeaf Hawaii Cruise 2009 [CANCELLED]

    Just an FYI for those who don't know if you go to the 2009 cruise, U may also be coming across the HSLF ( hawaii sign langague festival) which happens every 2 yrs u'll be meeting many deafies from here in hawaii and 3 deafies from AD are members ( im inculding myself in the 3 :) ) so thats an...
  9. javapride

    AllDeaf Hawaii Cruise 2009 [CANCELLED]

    i won't be on the cruise but i will be there to greet u all at the harbor :) ofc im already in hawaii Lol
  10. javapride

    New Year's Eve parties?

    Staying home i think
  11. javapride

    Does 'E' Really Mean Empty on Your Car's Gas Gauge?

    :werd: Restlessheart thank u for pointing that out too :)
  12. javapride

    How much will you spend on holiday gifts this year?

    MANNNNNN reba! wow! what a story!!!!! Well this X mas will not be happening this year... long story won't go into details but al the same the main issue is , we got each other thats all that matters the most. :) mele kalikimaka
  13. javapride

    2007 Christmas Cards Exchange

    thanks to ALL of those who sent me a X mas card you know who u are thanks again urs will be in the mail WHEN i get more stamps *smh*
  14. javapride

    No more CC on WB DVD "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

    just finished watching HP last night and it was FINE with me while i was watching the thought kept going over to AllDeaf and im like UGH so managed to get the AD off my head and watch the movie in pleasure, NOW u see, its no problem with me... am sorry ur picky about ur CC but be GRATEFUL there...
  15. javapride

    Does 'E' Really Mean Empty on Your Car's Gas Gauge?

    Well IMO im glad theres a warning light and from my distance to the gas station is very important. my gas runs 20 to 60 miles before the last drop kills our engine, and this helps so we can get gas fill it up and etc. for ME id rather get my gas BEFORE the light comes on... considering i been...
  16. javapride

    What year did you.....

    1991 Csdf Gooooo Eagles!
  17. javapride

    Do you live in California?

    as a former californian i now live in hawaii, but if u do want to move there research first before u decide to move i strongly recommend that because u do NOT want to be losing money just by the mere screw up and ur future plans.
  18. javapride

    Little People, Big World Season 3

    I watched the show the other night and it was REALLY good i enjoyed myself :-D
  19. javapride

    Question about the word "audism"

    IMO and sorry for going off here if its not related but AUDISM, sounds like discrimination, MANY need to be educated, and after the MSSD faisco it shows me one thing no one is willing to ACCEPT to adapt. ME i adapted and im living in BOTH worlds NOTHING wrong with that BUT seriously PLEASE stop...