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  1. sweetstrawberry

    need answer from you MOD pls.....

    is that normal to have AUTOMATICALLY to log on ? bec every time I go to and I already log in without type my sn and password.. i was confuse and also i keep click log out.. and later on when im ready to back here and it still LOG IN without let me type my sn and password that...
  2. sweetstrawberry

    deaf/hearing relationships

    sometime can happen work out.
  3. sweetstrawberry


    i did told him after i date him for long time since i was lil girl
  4. sweetstrawberry


    yeah, i crush on someone when i was lil girl until high school, i met a boy who's same that i crush on him then out of the world, start date but not work out so we decide be close good friends. that's happen
  5. sweetstrawberry

    Who hate me?

    I don't hate you but that's what you want for who you are because that's your life. smile
  6. sweetstrawberry

    Happy Birthday To Funnybebe78!!!!

  7. sweetstrawberry

    My DirtyOldMan's b-day 2day.

  8. sweetstrawberry

    News News News

    ohhhh that's great news!!!!!!!! jennifer, I'm so happy for you.. congrat!!!! :thumb:
  9. sweetstrawberry

    Have the Jehovah Witness people come to your door?

    i had my good friend who's J.W. she want me join this but i told her that i'm not interest then she respect me. i'm so happy that my friend and i are very good friends cuz of respect our religions.
  10. sweetstrawberry

    Postwhoring, when too much is too much?

    well, i agree with bradley but other situation about postwhoring.. i don't care because i respect and keep enjoy it. :-D
  11. sweetstrawberry

    Hello all

    Welcome to ADv2
  12. sweetstrawberry

    I am new here :)

    Welcome ADv2
  13. sweetstrawberry

    i AM NEW ...

    Welcome to ADv2
  14. sweetstrawberry

    This pic reminds me of

    Re: This pic reminds me of sweetstrawberry ohhh shhh!.,,, that's very private.. that's really me LOL!!!!!!
  15. sweetstrawberry

    G'day AllDeaf!

    Welcome to AD
  16. sweetstrawberry

    I am not newie

    huh?? I don't ever know who you are. anyway, ok..welcome ad
  17. sweetstrawberry

    I am New Introduction here

    Welcome to Adv2
  18. sweetstrawberry

    Welcome to whosxygurl7!

    Welcome to ADv2
  19. sweetstrawberry


    Welcome to ADv2