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  1. Bebonang

    Your opinion on the word: "disability"

    Well, it meant that we can not hear if we are not able to use phone or can not have or use ASL interpreters in the workplace or elsewhere. A lot of times most workplaces want Deaf people to use the phone instead of texting. I hate the word disability but it has some advantage of why we use...
  2. Bebonang

    Middleaged and losing my hearing

    The vibration of the viola is easier than that of the violin because it's larger and also lower. The Violin is big and heavy while the Viola is small and should be light. My hearing father used to played in the orchestra many years. He is deceased. My father explained to me about them...
  3. Bebonang

    Green horn at work

    Relationship between hearing and d/Deaf sucks.
  4. Bebonang

    Learning to lip read and wanting to make new friends

    Lipreading is not easy. You have to make a guess or try to figure out what the hearing people say. Also hearing people have different way of moving their mouths to speak with you. Some may be easy for you and others not that easy. There has been no training for us, Deafies, to learn to...
  5. Bebonang

    Cochlear implant debate

    The important thing is for the late deafened is to adapt or get use to being deaf. Learn to live with being deaf. I don't like anyone including authorities or parents to force deaf children to use hearing aids or CI. It should be up to the deaf Child to make the decision if they want to wear...
  6. Bebonang

    AllDeaf Memorial

    Yes, I remembered Bottesini very well here. She was on Facebook,too. I was shocked of her death when her daughter announced us on Facebook. We were devastated that she was gone. I will never forget her and cherish her memories. May our Creator watch and protect her. Rest In Peace...
  7. Bebonang

    New to asl

    Welcome to AllDeaf Forum. May I ask where are you from? Have fun reading and learning from us here. :wave:
  8. Bebonang

    Hi!... i'm new to the community

    Welcome to AllDeaf Forum. Learn and study some of the threads in the forum. Just have fun reading and learning from us. :wave:
  9. Bebonang

    Hi!... i'm new to the community

    Felix need to go to the ASL class first before he joined the Deaf Event or Deaf Community to communicate with Deaf people. We can not help or teach him or other hearing person to sign if he does not go to the ASL class to learn signs. It is our time to communicate without teaching signs to...
  10. Bebonang

    I am hearing... i'll admit it.

    Welcome to AllDeaf forum. I have a feeling you will goof if you don't know anything about Deaf Culture. Also you don't know what it is like to be deaf. Just try not to ask silly questions which you might assume we are suppose to do or act. Learn about everything on the forum about our...
  11. Bebonang

    Everybody hallo.

    Hi, Tora. Welcome to AllDeaf forum. :wave:
  12. Bebonang

    I'm hoh living in a world of hearing that i don't quite belong in...

    Welcome to AllDeaf Forum. I am sorry that you had problem growing up with being bullied and calling you names. I hope you can join us for social chat and discussions here on AllDeaf forum. Cute when you mentioned all the animals that you have at home. See you around here. :wave:
  13. Bebonang

    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    AD mean AllDeaf which is a social and discussion forum run by Alex who is the administrator. Old and new members of the AllDeaf forum here.
  14. Bebonang

    "why would they use him and not just a hearing asl interpeter???"

    Very rarely do we see hearing ASL interpreters signed with expressions and emotions. I think he might be CODA living with Deaf family. They do a lot of emotions and show expressions just like Deaf people do. This help us understand them doing their expressions. The first ASL interpreter...
  15. Bebonang

    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    Hi, everyone! I am alive and kicking. I spent a lot of times on Facebook and 7 games on Facebook. I could not get enough of them. Also I have health issues. I am back home 4 years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico from Ontario, Canada. My husband passed away 5 years ago (2012). I had...
  16. Bebonang

    How Do I Get Into Deaf Culture?

    If you want to have a ASL Club for you to join by signing ASL and learn about Deaf Culture, that would be for you. Deaf Culture is for Deaf people who had to go through by using our eyes to use ASL instead of lipreading or for DeafBlind who have to use tactical signs to communicate. Lipreading...
  17. Bebonang

    I Know It Is Too Early But... I Love To Fall In Love With Fall.

    I love Fall the best better than Summer time (too hot and bug pests). I am glad that I don't have to put up with bugs and mosquitoes. I love the colors of the leaves ready to fall from the trees. I am not looking forward to Halloween but I do love to give candies to kids if they come...
  18. Bebonang

    Garry Marshall, 'happy Days' Creator And 'pretty Woman' Director Dies At 81

    I missed Garry Marshall who did wonderful job as director and creator of T.V. and movies. I also liked to watch his sister, Penny Marshall performed in T.V. program (Laverne and Shirley). I bet he was having so much fun working with lot of his creations for the movies and T.V. programs...
  19. Bebonang

    Black Pastor: If Black Lives Matter, Why Are More Blacks Killed By Abortion Than By The Police?

    The pastor have to understand that it is the women's bodies that if something does not go right with their pregnancies or could not afford to have babies because they were poor. Usually there were young girls who get pregnant and were left by themselves from ex-boyfriends or family members. It...