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    Short and custom urls?

    TinyURL is still around but it's longer than (5, TinyUrl - 7) and Goo.GL (5). is everyone's (individuals, corporations, business, organizations etc) favorite.
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    Skype anyone?

    If you truly want to learn ASL and looking for a Deaf friend then you are more than welcome to message me your Skype username. I am a night owl myself as well.
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    Your favourite deaf blogs

    This will be biased, because I am a Deaf blogger (since 2007) and of course I am going to pick my own as my favorite blog.
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    Short and custom urls?

    Here's the examples - Short Vs Long Domains/URL Short: Long: Not custom VS Custom domain/url Not Custom...
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    Merry christmas!

    Merry Christmas.
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    I'm new

    Hm, it seems that person who took your son out of the Deaf school and into mainstream has no clue about Deaf education apparently. Ok, Deaf school and mainstream is somewhat equally as the only difference between both is that the Deaf school teaches using Deaf native language which is American...
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    Where Is Deaf And Hard Of Hearing?!

    Thank you guys so much for the replies! As for the West Virginia, irony thing is that I currently resides right on the border of Ky/WV. I would be able to spits from my porch on Ky side to the WV side so that is how close I am to both sides of the states although I am on the Kentucky side...
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    Where Is Deaf And Hard Of Hearing?!

    I am considering to move somewhere but I am looking to move a place where it has the most Deaf and Hard of Hearing residents. So I am asking you a question, where is the place that have the "most" Deaf and Hard of Hearing people that lives there? Some of you may says Galludet, but that is a...
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    TTY Software.

    That is what I have, the only IP Relay service. It is a shame that the FCC disbanded IP Relay, under assumption that every Deaf and Hard of Hearing knows ASL. Yes I know ASL, I cannot speak too but I have limited mobility in my arms which that means I cannot move my arms around freely to sign...
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    Sorenson vs Purple vs ZVRS?

    Oh! Yeah, same goes with the other providers. I have lost number with ZVRS and I did lost number with Convo once a several years ago until I decided to try Convo again and obviously I was wooed enough to talk highly of Convo. Convo have changed a lot, as at that time Convo were just a baby and...
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    Sorenson vs Purple vs ZVRS?

    Should have create a number with Convo! Convo doesn't have a pending system. As soon as you are done registering they give you a new number right away at the end of registration. Won't have to wait to see if you are approved or whatever. I personally don't like Sorenson, maybe it's me but I...
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    Sorenson vs Purple vs ZVRS?

    You can always go back to your preferred video relay service if you decide to port your number with the other provider to try. Or do what I do, register for a new number to try and if I feel that it's the right video relay provider for me then I call in the support to ask them to change my...
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    ASL, why keep embracing it

    One, because American Sign Language (ASL) is an actual language therefore it has no expiration. Just like English is an actual language and obviously it will never expires either just like you are typing in English. Saying ASL is obsoleted is like saying English or other languages are too...
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    TTY Software.

    Is there a such thing as TTY software for Windows computers (desktop/laptop) or Mac (desktop/laptop) instead of using an actual TTY machine? I have been wondering if there is anything like it, TTY software and use TTY software to call via relay service. I found one but I am not sure if it still...
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    Sorenson vs Purple vs ZVRS?

    I would highly recommend Convo. Convo is owned by Deaf people. ;) So using Convo as your video relay service is a no-brainer for two reasons. Owned by Deaf people, that means they share Deaf culture therefore they understand the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals truly so that is why...
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    Deaf Community Social Connects

    I would like to make this thread official if AllDeaf administrator(s) don't mind doing so. The idea of this is to help the Deaf community to have a way of connecting with each others if they wish and by connecting of course I mean through social media. There are few services of public accounts...
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    Deaf group video chat?

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    Gone way off the subject, haha! Deaf 007!
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    Do you greet your neighbors?

    The America's way is to always wave to your neighbors or nod. That is why they wave at you so to start building respect with you so that if anything happens they will look out for you. Neighborhood is a tight-knit community and they help each others.
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    So what are your thoughts on the new movie titled Spectre which is a new 007 James Bond movie starring Craig Daniels, who is a perfect fit for the role of James Bond and it is saddening that the next James Bond 007 film will be Craig's last film before handing the James Bond 007 role over to a...