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    Survey Regarding Asl Literature -- Help!

    Wow, Reba, a real OG poster! I'm so sorry to hear about the Parkinson's. It's a blow most people don't understand to be forced out of a job due to health reasons. There's all the "Gee I'd love to spend the whole day in bed all the time!" crew on my end and I'm sure you have your own versions! I...
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    Survey Regarding Asl Literature -- Help!

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone here remembers me. :-) I was formerly an interpreter, then became a teacher of English in ASL for deaf college students. Sadly illness and disability ended my career, and pretty much everything else in my life (except my darling husband!). Since then I've tried...
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    Hey y'all

    Yup! I actually had a toon called Interpretrator, and that was her. Sadly, as of yesterday, City of Heroes is gone.
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    Hey y'all

    Just wanted to say hi. It's been quite a while! I quit my job as an interpreter to begin teaching English in ASL to underprepared deaf college students (also writing all the curriculum), which was the best job I'd ever had. Unfortunately, I've now become disabled by chronic illness, and had to...
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    Kinect to recognize American Sign Language

    Yup, I came back here to post this: Kinect Downgraded To Save Money, Can't Read Sign Language But it's entirely possible future versions may have this functionality, since they applied for the patent on it.
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    Kinect to recognize American Sign Language

    AbleGamers story on this: Kinect as Sign Language Interpreter?
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    Do interpreters receive name signs?

    I was taught that it should come from a deaf (and preferably Deaf) person, but then later I ran into a lot of deaf people who thought that was BS. Maybe times are changing, I don't know, but it was drummed into me, so personally I won't give anyone a name sign. (Except my husband, and I...
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    Hey terps: any of these questions sound familiar?

    What's funny is I taught myself Braille a long time ago, but I never volunteer that bit of information since I don't want to confuse people further. And in my personal experience, that question comes out of ignorance, and not because of past experiences like those. The latter I could understand...
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    Hey terps: any of these questions sound familiar?

    Dumb things said to interpreters: You’re an interpreter? Do you know Braille?
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    Help With Interpreting

    Here's the website for Southern California RID: Southern California RID They're a good organization that provides many awesome interpreting workshops, and I'm sure if you contact them they can provide a list of ITPs in your area. I know San Diego Mesa College has one, but I have no idea...
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    No one in Texas wants to hire an interpreter!

    Well, I came here to try and suggest something, but as I am hearing, I guess that won't go over well. Good luck.
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    Warcraft III

    Only the single-player campaign. I'm really bad at RTS games.
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    I have SO many questions...

    Meet the new thread...same as the old thread(s). Anyway, Adamsmomma, I am hearing, was formerly an interpreter and am now a teacher of English grammar and writing for underprepared deaf college students. My master's work is in TESOL/applied linguistics, including language acquisition. I would...
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    Horizontal violence in Deaf community

    Sorry I didn't get back to this thread until now, but yes, jillio sums up exactly what I meant. And to my mind, a Deaf person making fun of a HOH or hearing person on the basis of that person's not being Deaf is audism, just as a hearing person making fun of a d/Deaf person on the basis of that...
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    ethics question

    In my ITP we were encouraged to give back to the deaf community -- from whom we directly or indirectly receive our education -- by volunteering our services when feasible. Yes, it has to be done ethically so as not to undercut other interpreters' ability to make a living, but there are many...
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    Is "Deafie" a Deaf-Only Word?

    I would never use the term "deafie" around hearing people who were unfamiliar with Deaf culture. I don't think it's well enough known for it not to sound like a kind of insult and the hearing world doesn't need more ammo. I've talked about "deafies and hearies" with people in the deaf...
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    Horizontal violence in Deaf community

    This is exactly why I'm in the camp that believes "audism" should be a more general term. This is discriminating on the basis of hearing status or deafness, which is what "audism" technically means. There is no such thing as "reverse sexism" or "reverse racism"; this is just plain audism to me...
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    Do we need hearing teachers in deaf ed at all?

    Ah, I gotcha. Yeah, I completely agree there is a desperate need for ASL language models for young kids, but there's also the problem that so many deaf kids don't get any language at home (English, ASL, Spanish, whatever) so that even if they do get it at school, it is not emphasized or...
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    Real Effects of smoking pot

    I'd love to know how I'm in denial. As a medical marijuana activist I'm pretty damn well informed. And my information doesn't come from a coupla friends or "someone I knew once" or "a friend of a friend." It comes from years of research and work done by pioneers in the field, many of whom ended...
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    Real Effects of smoking pot

    No. Reread my post and don't put words in my mouth, please. Yes, you can get the munchies from smoking pot. Does that mean there is an epidemic of obesity-related health problems due to pot smoking as you suggest? I think most of the responses here prove otherwise. There are fat pot smokers...