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  1. LuciaDisturbed

    Is anyone who still have pain in their body?

    I have hip dyplasia and two injured discs in L4 and L5 from either a very serious car accident involving two semi trucks and a 10-cars pile-up thanks to my dumb ex-best friend's speeding in bad weather conditions (snowing, raining, sleet, ice, wet streets, you name it - I told her to slow down...
  2. LuciaDisturbed

    Inked Interpreters

    Honestly, I don't give a ****** about what the terp wears, about whether and how many tattoos he/she has, if she has long polished nails or not, if he or she wears jewelry, if she or he wears flashy clothing (as long as it's not ugly LOL), if he or she has an afro or wears her or his hair in...
  3. LuciaDisturbed

    Nitro's recent situation

  4. LuciaDisturbed

    Texas Mother Delivers Two Sets of Identical Twins

    Wow! :shock: They'll be very busy for the next few years! My aunt had twins but they are fraternal. It was pretty cool to watch her belly grow every week when I would go upstairs to her apartment as I lived downstairs.
  5. LuciaDisturbed

    Going bilateral...

    I live right next to the train tracks, and a train comes and passes by everyday.
  6. LuciaDisturbed

    Nitro's recent situation

    My aunt has a gun that my cousin gave to her. She lives in a bad neighborhood.
  7. LuciaDisturbed

    Trouble with mail in credit cards

    I don't believe in credit cards, so I don't have any. Besides, I don't want to end up being in serious debt from using them, especially since I am on a very limited income.
  8. LuciaDisturbed

    Why is it so important to get marry and procreate?

    My foster mom's kids had a stable home and life. They are 13 and 19 and doing extremely well. Children can have a stable home and life without a father.
  9. LuciaDisturbed

    Why is it so important to get marry and procreate?

    No. I don't want to end up in an abusive gay marriage and not be able to get out of it. I have had abusive relationships in the past and am scarred for life. I'd rather have a life partner, instead. I want to be able to just leave if she ends up being abusive.
  10. LuciaDisturbed

    Why is it so important to get marry and procreate?

    No, it isn't important to get married just to procreate. You can have kids without getting married. My foster mom did that, she went to a sperm bank and got artificially inseminated. She had two kids. I plan to have kids without getting married because I'm gay and I don't want to get married, EVER.
  11. LuciaDisturbed

    Deaf With Schizophrenia

    Please check yourself into a mental hospital. You need your meds to be adjusted/tweaked to stop the delusions. Also, see your psychiatrist and therapist as well, and tell them all this. We cannot help you as we are not psychiatrists, psychologist, or therapists.
  12. LuciaDisturbed

    CNN Chile Reports Hugo Chavez is Dead

    Why do you always have the tendency to post many multiple links in a post? It's annoying. :shock: :roll:
  13. LuciaDisturbed

    Deaf With Schizophrenia

  14. LuciaDisturbed

    What do you want in a movie theater?

    I like captions with either yellow or white font with black backgrounds. My theatre has horrible captions - they were very faint and I had to complain and get a refund for it. It still has the horrible captions. They need to change them! And I wish that every single theatre were required to...
  15. LuciaDisturbed

    WANTED: Old Teletype Corporation TTY equipment (1930s - 1950s)

    TSD has a museum and they have the ancient TTY. I visited the museum several years ago.
  16. LuciaDisturbed

    Deaf With Schizophrenia

    This guy seriously needs to be 51/50'd or Baker Act'd.