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  1. Lantana

    Spanking for Trivial Reasons :(

    Well perhaps Casey Anthony would have been better off spanking little Caylee instead of murdering her!
  2. Lantana

    Would you date someone with kids?

    I think your age would be important on how you answer that question. For myself, I would never remarry because of the baggage that people accumiliate. Grown children can create alot of problems in a relationship when older folks choose to remarry. Dating is one thing, remarriage is completely...
  3. Lantana

    Who is single here?

    I have been a widow since June 2, 2008. I do not like being alone, but it is better than being with the wrong person.
  4. Lantana

    School for the Deaf denies deaf child with Down Syndrome placement

    I recall that there was a Downs deaf child that visited our school with potential placement possible. But the parents decided against it. In a dormitory setting there is always the risk of sexual abuse by other students. Downs people need special attention that many schools cannot afford...
  5. Lantana

    Do you have any allergies

    Allergies I went online today looking for the very best Air Purifier for the home. I have 4 cats and a parrot, so the air get's a bit thick in the wintertime when the house is closed up. I think people outgrow some allergies. I used to be allergic to cats, now I have 4! I had hayfever...
  6. Lantana

    Torn - subtitled and a bit of faux pas signing

    Oh? A "gag" penis? Hmm, I guess there are some of those.
  7. Lantana

    Torn - subtitled and a bit of faux pas signing

    I agree. I am "deaf" deaf and I did not care for the "performance" at all.
  8. Lantana

    So...what you think about the health care bill?

    There will not be any changes, just hidden ones that we get in the beehind. We will still be paying for those who cannot afford to buy their own healthcare. (Or in other words who won't work for it). And I am wondering about ASL interpreters, where do they come in?
  9. Lantana

    GOP is dead

    Repukes :ty: And with alot of help from Faux News!
  10. Lantana

    Definition of "book learning"

    Hmmm, who exactly is running this forum?? Personally I would like to say that hearing peoples' input would be secondary (if that!). Just because the hearing person happens to be highly educated does not apply here. Anyone who has had the experience of parenting a deaf child has *some*...
  11. Lantana

    Definition of "book learning"

    Koko, this is a forum and staying exactly on topic is unfortunately impossible, particularly for the deaf, who have limited means of communication. I think that Sally's reply was right on target. She said alot more than most folks here at AD and she said it with class. Thankyou Sally...
  12. Lantana

    NAD Calls Out Netflix on Captions

    Netflix :( :ty: A very good post, and extremely well written. Netflix has plenty of problems with the deaf community and I wish these problems solved. Last week, out of 4 movies I received only one was CC and that one was subititled. They say to "search" for which ones are...
  13. Lantana


    Everyone who knows me is aware that I have a Solomon Island Eclectus male parrot. His name is Lenny. I call him: Lenny Benny Bird Brain. He's a very nice boy and loves to nuzzle my neck. Lantana
  14. Lantana

    Who got snow?

    Snow?? :aw:We have snow!! Coming down fast and thick, right here 3 blocks from the Pacific Ocean!! It is very pretty, but due to my bad balance, I guess I am stuck here until it starts to melt! Today is a true Winter Wonderland! Lantana
  15. Lantana

    Death by Skateboarding

    I totally agree that NOBODY should be out skate boarding at that time of night, particularly in the road! Personally, skate boarders scare me! I have a very poor balance and I live in fear of one of these board heads knocking me over when I am out shopping. These kids are EVERYWHERE! We...
  16. Lantana

    What Bores you the Most?

    Boring is when people call you on the VP and have absolutely nothing to say!
  17. Lantana

    What Bores you the Most?

    "Boring" is when people call you on the VP and have absolutely nothing to say! My time is valuable, if you call me, spill it and be done with it! Lantana
  18. Lantana


    I feel that it is very ghoulish to be arguing about the funeral of a person who is still alive! If you are worried, take along your own terp. Hells Bells, families always wind up at each other's throats over a death in the family. Been there, done that. When my own parents passed away...
  19. Lantana

    Question about Blackberry from AT&T

    Why put up with a "crappy Blackberry"? You are paying a bill each month and I presume you bought the BB outright. I often drop in at the AT&T store and have them assist me on anything that I do not understand. They are extremely helpful. And be sure and delete all the stuff that you do not...
  20. Lantana

    Deaf children and hearing parents...why don't the parents learn sl?

    Loml you deserve an Oscar! (Hands waving)! How have you been? Miss you! I find it humorous that Jello, (oops, Jillio) finds the need to parrot the stuff she digs out of her "vast researches". She is not kidding any of us. And since this forum is made up of mostly deaf persons, it...