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  1. omegaman

    latest tech?

    Telepathic communication. :D
  2. omegaman

    Severe hearing loss in mid 20s

    I was born hearing, then started losing my hearing during my 20s. Like you, I was also worried about losing all my hearing. And, like you, I also go through good and bad days regarding my hearing ability. But, these days I guess I have somewhat learnt how to live with being HOH, and am not...
  3. omegaman

    Raspberry Pi

    I have been very tempted to buy one. But, I ended up installing Linux on my desktop PC instead.
  4. omegaman

    Exercise, anyone?

    I used to do weights at the gym 3-4 times per week. But, after I injured my shoulder in 2009, I am still finding it hard to get back into my regular routine. I also brought gym equipment, which I thought I would help me get back into the routine, but I hardly use it.
  5. omegaman

    Question: Your computer monitor size

    24" is my main screen. I also have an old 22".
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    What is this website?
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    Will you be killed over a leather jacket???

    I think you are worrying too much. You could wear nice cotton clothing, and still get assaulted or killed. You could also also wear old, dirty clothing and get assaulted or killed for whatever reason. I have to say though, that jacket on Ebay does look nice even though it is fake leather. And...
  8. omegaman

    Long waits are ok after all....

    Regardless of whether I am on my own or with someone, if I have to wait more than 10 minutes, then I'd move on.
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    How are you feeling today?....

    Right now, I can barely keep my eyes open. So, I think it is best that I go to bed. Goodnighted. :)
  10. omegaman

    Last Movie You Watched?

    Watched two awesome Korean movies called The Chaser, and The Man From Nowhere.
  11. omegaman

    This could only happen to me.

    This reminds me when I was a little boy, the teachers would yell at me to stop throwing things, because it could hit someone in the eye. Pffff... Teacher's are such killjoys. Anyway, at least your husband was very considerate towards you by not using ball bearings. :)
  12. omegaman

    In The Future..

    Well, in our life time we should have contact lens that will be able to display text. Wireless contact lens display now a reality | ExtremeTech Now we just have to wait for Google to fix their audio transcription algorithm. :)
  13. omegaman

    Some samples of my artwork

    Thanks for the kinds words. :) Yeah, I should create an account for As one of my teachers said, I need to get out there... I like your Long Island Seascape. It would make a nice desktop picture, too. The gradient backgrounds in your other works also have a uplifting effect...
  14. omegaman

    Some samples of my artwork

    It is nice to see hand-drawn artwork. I like your I like your dragon and Satan's pawn best. I remember when magazines and CD covers had hand-drawn artwork. I used to use them as inspiration to create my own drawings/artwork. So, from my perspective, people who can draw using traditional mediums...
  15. omegaman

    Guess What??????

    Aursome! :) Congratulations! Feel free to spoil me gifts and such. :)
  16. omegaman

    Man cave for sale for real here

    That is an awesome collection!
  17. omegaman

    How are you feeling today?....

    Currently still in zombie mode.
  18. omegaman

    How Many of You That Wear HA's Grow Hair Long to Cover Them?

    I couldn't care less if people can see my HA. I admit, they are not the nicest things to see, but they have become part of me. The funny thing is, I used to feel uncomfortable around people with my tan coloured HA (which I still wear today). So, I used to contemplate covering them up. Yet, I...
  19. omegaman

    Update on my shoulder rehab after surgery

    Great to know your shoulder surgery went well, and that you are on the road to recovery. I am just curious though; what did you do to your shoulder?
  20. omegaman

    So I gave up wearing Nike Air Max sneakers

    I prefer Asics shoes. But, unfortunately, I can't find an online store in the US that are willing to import to Australia. So, I brought a pair of Nikes. Horrible... They look nice, but damn uncomfortable to wear compared to Asics.