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  1. Deafghostfreak

    2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Let's go Boston Bruins!!! I am wonder how many people here who want Bruins or Vancouver canucks win stanley cup??
  2. Deafghostfreak

    Congratulations to Boston Bruins won Eastern conference finals 2011!

    Congratulations, Boston Bruins!!!! Boston Bruins' first appearence in Stanley Cup since 1990. They will play against Vancouver Canucks this Wedensday June 1, 2011 at 8pm. Let's go Bruins!!!! :applause:
  3. Deafghostfreak

    Happy Memorial day, everyone!!

    Happy Memorial day, everyone!! I hope you all have great travel to see your family, enjoy cookout plus parade in your own hometowns. I want to thank to all veterans for fighting our country in wars. God Bless Troops.
  4. Deafghostfreak

    NHL 2011 playoffs

    Four hockey teams are left to play in NHL playoffs: Canucks verus San Jose Sharks for Western conference finals. Boston Bruins verus Tampa Bay Lightings for Eastern Conference finals. Which teams do you want see in Stanley cup series?? I am big Boston Bruins. Tim Thomas is my favorite goalie. Of...
  5. Deafghostfreak

    Red Sox, lookin' for love in all the wrong places

    I am huge boston red sox fan. I love David "Big Papi" Ortiz. I am so glad about red sox beat yankees this week. Let's see what happen this fall. To all red sox fans, who are your favorite players on Boston red sox?
  6. Deafghostfreak

    What are your favorite sports??

    I am wonder what are your favorite sports?? Mine are Ice hockey, wrestling, football, baseball, boxing and volleyball. Hope you all have wonderful day :wave:
  7. Deafghostfreak

    Wrestlemania 27 on April 3,2011 in Atlanta,GA

    Wrestlemania 27 Hey sara, I was look at tickets price of Wrestlemania.. it really so expensive!! I rather watch wrestlemania on tv. If wrestlemania come to Boston, Ma I will def go there someday. I think Jerry Lawler want wrestling with Michael Cole at wrestlemania.
  8. Deafghostfreak

    to all WWE/wrestling fans

    That's awesome, Sara. I am from Massachusetts and I have been fan of WWE since 2007DX are my favorite group.
  9. Deafghostfreak

    to all WWE/wrestling fans

    The rock is back Yes I did heard about the rock is come back to wwe for wrestlemania 27th.. I have been WWE fan since 2007 i really was WWF fan since i was 5. Undertaker, Hulk Hogan were my orignal favorite
  10. Deafghostfreak

    to all WWE/wrestling fans

    Hello everyone.. I am wonder how many people here who are crazy, love Pro wrestling on tv or live events in your home area. Let me know. I love to make new friends here. See you around :wave:
  11. Deafghostfreak

    Merry christmas and Happy new year from Deafghostfreak

    Thank you all!! I have been busy and working.. I will try keep post threads often.
  12. Deafghostfreak

    Merry christmas and Happy new year from Deafghostfreak

    Merry christmas and happy new year to you all :D Hope you all enjoy your hoildays.
  13. Deafghostfreak

    What is your favorite tea?

    What is your favorite tea?? I like herbal fruits tea, Mint tea, and holiday tea.
  14. Deafghostfreak

    What is your favorite foods?

    My favorite foods are red delicous apples, granny smith apples, oranges, grapes, chicken sandwich, grilled cheese, Mac and cheese and Casear salad wraps.
  15. Deafghostfreak

    Happy Halloween, everyone!!

    very funny :) :giggle: HA HA, Smith!! You check on me?! :shock: Lol.. I am glad u have good halloween. See you around.
  16. Deafghostfreak

    Happy Halloween, everyone!!

    Happy Halloween, everyone!! I hope you all enjoy halloween dinner, trick or treat with kids, neighbors plus go see haunted houses. Have a spooky day :devil:
  17. Deafghostfreak

    No Fear in Wrestling lyrics by Deafghostfreak

    I am walking into wrestling ring. Look at other wrestler's eyes. No fear why because to fight bad things in my life. People were cheering and jeering at me. I was ignore them. No fear why because to think good things in my life. Keep wrestling with other wrestler. My body get slam...
  18. Deafghostfreak

    Who is single here?

    I am single for a year i guess.. It not easy to find mr right man.. there's plenty of fish out of sea.
  19. Deafghostfreak

    Last Movie You Watched?

    What movies last time I seen?? I did saw new movies last time are "Legendary", "Shelock Holomes", "Up in the air" "Love Happens" Legendary is number one great movie since WWE superstar John Cena is in that movie. What a motionvial movie. :wave: Have a nice day!
  20. Deafghostfreak

    Are you ready for NHL 2010-2011 season???!

    Heck Yeah! I am ready for NHL 2010-2011 seson!!! I am gonna support Boston Bruins because I am from Massachusetts :cool2: Feel free come discussion here.:h5: Let's go Bruins!!!