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  1. Evo Dragon

    Photo of the Day

    I created an old alldeaf logo long times ago.. lol
  2. Evo Dragon

    Deaf Night Out at Boxi Park at Lake Nona (Orlando, Florida) by May 19. 6pm - 11pm

    On May 19 start 6 pm to 11 pm, Deaf Night Out at Boxi Park at Lake Nona, Florida. Just bar, restaurants, live band and meet new people. Credit by Fx and Vicky as Facebook deaf hosts:
  3. Evo Dragon

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    during Black Friday Deals, I'm insane. I bought a brand new 65" LG OLED evo c2 4K TV.. I tested my Playstation 5 console with 120 Hz refresh rate on new TV. It worked.
  4. Evo Dragon

    21f Looking For Some Fun. Boys Any Age.

    I have a random question. . No videocam? You don't speak sign language? I used to that Kik for hacker group discussion who sold me some cheat codes on PC games, they sold me exploit software tool then, I got perm banned 19 times on Playstation 4 console or PS4 jailbroken console.
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    Common Neighbor Disputes in HOA (Homeowner Assocations)

    Yeah, I know. A lot people are scare of HOA is nightmare. They moved out to find No HOA and No ACC rules housing. Good luck for them due to Home Invasion without security gate community. (Security Gate License Plate Reader on my car for verity resident to open Gate door) Next door neighbor came...
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    Common Neighbor Disputes in HOA (Homeowner Assocations)

    In first place, that's where I reported them to HOA rules in my community. Neighbor get mad at me.
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    Common Neighbor Disputes in HOA (Homeowner Assocations)

    Next door neighbor anger me during, I reported them to HOA who don't pick up dog poop on my front yard. Later, I cleaned up on my mess walkway and driveway since, I've been violated but, resolved by HOA. So, I inspected my driveway/walkway due to storm. Next door neighbor seek revenge and...
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    what a shy person..
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    Seeking for Female who is Deaf, HOH, or CODA or Hearing with ASL skills

    Try go to Deaf Expo and Deaf coffee night event.
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    I installed a Panasonic Homehawk security camera on window cost $149 at Amazon site.
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    Funny Gifs/Pics

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    Photo of the Day

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    Deaf culture - do's and don'ts, etc. Let's make a list!

    Well.. I walked in Pizza shop. I wrote a note about order a pizza. They think i'm looking like an illegal alien who don't speak english. I hate rudeness people.
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    I'm in Florida, Dania Beach any ASL around?

    Go to Deaf Coffee event for meet hearing students who learn ASL.
  15. Evo Dragon

    My COVID-19 test is NEG... whew!

    Ya ya ya! I'm alive! I'm fully vaccinated since May 30, 2021. ha ha!
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    Funny Gifs/Pics