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  1. DefMATRIXense

    Best buy Job position Issue

    i don't know his alldeaf username here.
  2. DefMATRIXense

    Best buy Job position Issue

    How can I contact him? I would like to speak to Luis.
  3. DefMATRIXense

    New Xbox: No second hand games, always on DRM?!

    I believe all game developers like it because they are not making profits for used games. If happens, good bye gamefly and gamestop...
  4. DefMATRIXense

    AMC Theatres Announce Captioning!

    What about a new technology which called Sony access glasses aka Sony-DV. Sony made a deal with regal cinemas and its successful. This is way better than RV, OC, and CR.
  5. DefMATRIXense

    Samsung galaxy S3

    Done ordering preorder samsung galaxy S3 via AT&T website online and it ships on June 18 and will expect to have it on June 20.
  6. DefMATRIXense

    your smartphone history?

    I knew i feel like there is one more but cant figure out. Thanks for refreshing y memory.
  7. DefMATRIXense

    your smartphone history?

    Sidekick 2 Blackberry bold Iphone 3s Iphone 4 Samsung galaxy S3(tomorrow preorder)
  8. DefMATRIXense

    Samsung galaxy S3

    Thanks pal.
  9. DefMATRIXense

    Samsung galaxy S3

    I am planning to get preorder at at&t tomorrow. My question is att has offer same plan what i had plan(tap plan) for iphone? I am not interested getting iphone 5 for sure..
  10. DefMATRIXense

    Wow, I am amazed

    I wonder if sorenson still offer something like that as of today?
  11. DefMATRIXense

    I got new Ipad 2

    What do u expect? Sara is talking bullshits. Ignore her/him. Its Ipad 2
  12. DefMATRIXense

    Doctor--no interpreter!

    In NJ, patients like me have to call insurance and requested an interpreter. They will provide you one. That's how it work. I had done it many times and am happy with an interpreter.
  13. DefMATRIXense

    iPhone 5 out on October 4th

    Wait a minute, who said iPhone 5 is coming to sprint? iPhone 5 is coming to AT&T and version and iPhone 4s is coming to AT&T, version, tmobile, and sprint.
  14. DefMATRIXense

    my gamertag is ShadowBigBoss

    then how did you do that? just " "? thanks!!! EDIT: i got it now, thanks
  15. DefMATRIXense

    my gamertag is ShadowBigBoss EDIT: Am i missing something? How can I put a video on post?
  16. DefMATRIXense

    Shrek 3D 3 discs not subtitled. How to ask for swap?

    That's not simple. It's an exclusive package means you have to buy samsung 3D HDTV in order to get a free package. That package itself doesn't sell anywhere.
  17. DefMATRIXense

    Shrek 3D 3 discs not subtitled. How to ask for swap?

    nswillams, the sherk collection in 3D does have subtitles even 3D view. Can you take a pix of your collection disks and case? listen, you have to go to the store where you purchased and exchange it just the package.
  18. DefMATRIXense

    Have a PS3 with Mortal Kombat?

    Anakin, well, I will destroy you with my main, subzero. But I only play xbox 360. My xbl is shadowbigboss. I also play super street fighter 4 arcade edition. My main is e. Honda