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  1. Hedgehog182

    Software TTY App??

    This is a bit confusing for me. I have a iPhone 14. It has NO Software TTY, Only Hardware TTY. Can I just use RTT/TTY as is and a TTY will accept it? I need to contact SSA TTY number. UPDATE!: FaceTime via RTT triggers a Relay call! (711). Now, if I can just get TTY to TTY working, I'll be all set!
  2. Hedgehog182

    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    Thanks for the enlightening story x1! Makes me miss my summers at Gally when we'd all share our various stories. I was lucky that I found Deafness in 86 when ASL was gaining popularity and soon after that schools were allowed to offer it as a foreign language. There was no shortage of newbie...
  3. Hedgehog182

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Old thread, but still active! I like that! I just saw "Nobody". A common plot line, but with fresh approach. I think it's worth seeing!
  4. Hedgehog182

    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    I'm seeing all kinds of mobility issues that are in addition to Deafness. That's cool. But I must agree, that if you can walk, that's the way to go. I suppose there ARE a few other rare reasons one might be normally mobile, Deaf, and still need a spot. Late Deaf people often feel handicapped...
  5. Hedgehog182

    TV using subtitles?

    Geez, I remember those things! Yeah, even with the boxes, so many things didn't carry the caption signal. We have come a long way! Guess I got spoiled with the requirement that TV be captioned. The internet is behind, but it's coming along slowly but surely. (emphasis on "slowly!" :giggle: )
  6. Hedgehog182

    Google Transcribe and wifi mikes on an Android tablet

    I use Google Transcribe all the time. It gets me through classes and lectures. It work very well, too, since Google acquired Dragon's Naturally-Speaking servers. What's going to kill the effectiveness are any bottlenecks! I fast-enough and stable WiFi connection is essential. I use a "retired"...
  7. Hedgehog182

    TV using subtitles?

    A lot of progress was made in the US surrounding Closed Captioning. Now there is SDH that adds sound-description in a more thorough way. The internet is where it's totally lacking and it feels like the 70's and 80's again trying to get those online video clips to be captioned. Being total, I...
  8. Hedgehog182

    What do you do for living?

    Zen Priest and IT Technician. :deaf:Profile says "New Member"... I guess changing your email address will do that. been lurking for a number of years now...:giggle:
  9. Hedgehog182

    Total Late Deafness and Voice...

    I Did mean it, of course! Thanks for the input! I'm sure some do want more attention. I think my goal is maximal wholeness. As a hearie, I has the voice-ear" pair. Deafs had the Sign-Eye pair. A whole way of living. MY experience, so far, has been a sort of "half-life" or less than whole feeling...
  10. Hedgehog182

    Total Late Deafness and Voice...

    I need feedback! Lots of it, from a wide variety of all of you. Please!:wave: I grew up hearing, but gradually lost ALL of my hearing. For the past 2 years I've been trying to learn ASL, and to depend on it. I've been Voice Off, to help. And it HAS helped. Now I find I want to stay Voice Off...
  11. Hedgehog182

    Hello from San Francisco!

    :wave: AIED (Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease) is carrying me deeper from HoH to deafness. After 20 years as HoH, I can no longer use the phone, HA's don't help anymore. I'm a 52yo male from Southern California. Been in the Bat area for a half dozen years now. I've been boning up om my ASL. Had...