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  1. Beauty2Girls

    Bush cut Social Security Checks!!!!

    OOPS, sorry, I mean deaf258 :) there in Ukraine and Russia, all deaf and HOH get both salary and Benefit/SSI and some deaf/HOH does not want to work like deaf leader likes to take money from hard working ppl or whoever, DEAF MAFIA? it is between deaf leader and other deaf leader in each city...
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    Bush cut Social Security Checks!!!!

    And there is the deaf leader in each city, he got benefit but not enough cuz no job, lazy, one likes to take tax from deaf ppl (not all, most fighting against as disagree or stay away from team or group involved with the deaf leader, the deaf leader may touch/contact who never been involved but...
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    Bush cut Social Security Checks!!!!

    huh, what u mean, deafscuba? I have grown up in USSR then, 1991 became Ukraine so now, I moved here in USA 1999, deaf ppl got both work paychecks and benefit as SSI but here different who has job no or descreased SSI, right? there my parent get both :) of course, low but both not bad ;) for...
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    Idioms... Idioms... Idioms...

    Yes, I remmy I was told my older daughter was having 'ants in her pants' first i didnt undy but I got it later I wouldnt like to take her to anywhere store, restaurant and party at my work, New Year Eve and e.t.c. at all, but Halloween OK :D
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    Idioms... Idioms... Idioms...

    what I thought, I am really working hard, Boss used to say, I fugired
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    Idioms... Idioms... Idioms...

    < is interested in idiosm I really need to read/learn cuz my boss some others at work always say :roll: sometimes I didnt understand I havent been taught at the school :dunno: maybe i was ignoring.. hold on someone's toe pants on fire (I think it means lie, right?) butt off always (workin...
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    How Many Of You Know Sign Language?...

    I grew up talkin by RSL cuz my family is deaf and went the deaf school, to hang out with deaf friends in RSL havent spoke at all, some cousins and uncles/aunt hearing they talked home sign language I used to understand them, here my husband is deaf who taught me ASL his family all hearing I...
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    Maybe it is French or Russian Sign Language on video?

    I know russian sign language as well as I do ASL I was growing up in former USSR now Ukraine, I dont understand him.. :dunno: i believe it might be French sign language
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    Anyone experiencing problems with Sidekick II lately?

    My SK2's finally back working AIM sign in
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    The Best & Worst of Europe

    Thanks for sharing, I am going to Europe this Summer, July or Aug, to UK, must visit in London, my heart of the city :dunno: and what else would like to travel?? on way to Ukraine to see my family soon, YaY! Havent seen them for 5 yrs since I came here in USA.. cant wait to go in Europe :D
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    Sidekick 2 pager ?

    what about like Alex said to support.. look ur right here ;) and i know of as good as free where my SK1 was purchased but depend on offer expired, SK2 declined cuz I have 2 accts already, oh well, I called Tmobile to upgrade and got SK2 for 224.99 plus 6...
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    Anyone experiencing problems with Sidekick II lately?

    same here with my SK2 since last Sunday :pissed: and got 5 dollars credit, and today i called again cuz man told me within 24 hrs should be solved but didnt 3rd today, I thought to credit another 5, unfortunately, she said cant, one time, eh, oh well, hope soon. Weird when i tried to sign on...
  13. Beauty2Girls Good?

    Yeah, I bought SK color from them 2 yrs ago and SK2 from them too few mo ago, i havent plm so far
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    they re so cute and smart :)
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    Charlie Sheen Getting Divorced

    Amen, and me too curious why Denise left him..
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    works? no..
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    how?? i didnt see there is attachment pix or animated GIF??
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    Deaf children?

    interesting happened to me, first preggy I seen dr genetic discuss my family deaf, husband's family hearing but Dr believe it wuld be deaf child, gave birth older daughter she is hearing they call her hard of hearing cuz she doesnt speak much but hear and responds signing ASL, anyway, second...