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  1. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    wow.. I knew my canadian friends are coming from Ernest C. Drury School for the deaf in Milton, Ont. Wow, thats really surprised! What a small world. :-D
  2. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    nice to meet ya, too.. I'm leesa. how old are ya? since i knew alot of people from canada. so, im just wondering if you knew... and um, what's school are ya attendin to?
  3. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    Ah, thank you all people... who was wondering about me.. where I was gone to. I am doing very well. I'm very pretty happy with my life as for right now. I am a senior at Indiana school for the deaf... which I grew up all my life since 1990 at ISD. So, I am totally ready to leave, but I am not...
  4. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    Aww, nice of you, vamprox! I didn't expect you being like that. *laughing* im just kidding around.
  5. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    Nope, I wasn't in jail. So, Dream on. I am too good to be in jail. So excuse me, 258. I wasn't updating this thing since august because I came back to school.. for a last year. I'm senior, so c'mon, just give me a break.
  6. Smartiesgeek

    Live Journal

    Livejournal rules! My screen name is Smartiesgeek. Feel free to check it out, but anyway.. Livejournal rules! I don't like blogger and xanga. I tried to have one in xanga, but I can't even understand anything really clearly in xanga. so, I'm all crazier about Livejournal. *smiling*
  7. Smartiesgeek

    I'm back..

    Im sorry, if I havent came back since august.. since I was sooo busy with school.. and I was that CLOSE to forgot about this site. I was like, whats all and whats another.. til I saw another day of this site.. I was delighted after i found the site back. So, forgive me, girls and guys. I'm...
  8. Smartiesgeek

    any1 from midwest ??

    me from indiana.
  9. Smartiesgeek

    whats the..

    deaf and profoundly deaf is the biggest difference. Deaf, but you can hear a little. Profoundly deaf, you cant hear.
  10. Smartiesgeek

    ask smartiesgeek anything as you want!!

    it is very colorful to catch those hippos from the kids. well, just creatives. :-D
  11. Smartiesgeek

    Who is going to....?

    Who is going to Six Flags in Chicago for Deaf Day, July 12? I will go there with my gooooood friend, Lindsey. anybody are you people going to chicago?
  12. Smartiesgeek

    Rainbow Pictures!

    OH YES, I love rainbows. I would just searchin for one after the thunderstorm or whatever. heh, gotta to :bowdown: rainbows, ha ha.
  13. Smartiesgeek

    What's the bestest States in the whole USA

    Indiana's best. THE DEAF SCHOOL'S wonderful for everyone.. people at there, very sweet, very nice, and very family at there. wow, truly amazing at ISD... and Indiana's alright.. and money's just a little problem. but just so far, GREAT.
  14. Smartiesgeek

    VRS is fucking cool!!!!!!!!!

    VRS, just be a little polite... and all that, please... WILL you people? Sometimes people wouldn't want any of this, "you hot" or something. just give some respect, people
  15. Smartiesgeek

    Who rather cats or dogs?

    I rather cats, since I grew up all my life with cats, but I dont mind dogs. Unless, they are goin to be VERY SMALL dog. SUCH AS pug, Chihuhua, and small dogs. u kno. I would always still live with cats, no matter what.
  16. Smartiesgeek

    Be alive or dead?

    I rather to stay alive, because I want to see the hard times, wonderful times, and everything whatever I will see in the future.. kill themselves are so CHILDISH.
  17. Smartiesgeek

    We Are Family!!! Celebrate Gay Pride Month!

    Today was been supposed to be gay parade for chicago, but I HAVE NO RIDE. *being sad*, but I want to go there next year!
  18. Smartiesgeek

    Rainbow Pictures!

    wow, awesome... yes, it is very beautiful. seems so CLOSER to you!
  19. Smartiesgeek

    Today I'm offically........

    HEY HEY you're 33 or 34. you're not a old fart.
  20. Smartiesgeek

    We Are Family!!! Celebrate Gay Pride Month!

    im also out n proud, too. *yay!* Happy Gay month!