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  1. xsuperchick

    Jane Lynch Battles Hearing Disability

    old post but still i love glee <3 I cant hear with my left ear and it's so awesome she feels good about being HoH! hurray :)
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    hi from New Mexico

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    Hola from Spain

    Hola! Por qué no nos das una introducción más extensa, así podremos conocerte mejor! :D Saludos, L
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    I want to study in USA

    Hi! I've been looking for scholarships in Canada, the US and even the whole Europe. It's a bit harder when you are from Latin America, but what I do know is that you have more opportunities than I do if you are from China. Check the University of Liverpool scholarships and check if one of...
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    Au Pair?

    Hi ADers! :wave: How's everything going on? I wanted to make this thread and ask you all why do you think about au pairs? I'm planning this since ages.. I wanna be an au pair in the US, but I actually did something last week, I'm planning a fundarising party to get the money for the apply and...
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    Blackberry :)

    I do, sometime feel like I'm bbholic, probably it's taking over my life but I enjoy it :P
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    Blackberry :)

    Do you think people it's okay if we swap pins? :D I'm such a nerd, I know :(
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    I live in the Pacific Coast (Trujillo, Peru) but we're ok, everybody is scared but ok...
  9. xsuperchick

    BSL - My Learning

    I love BSL
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    "Hola" from El Salvador

    More Spanish speakers! yay :) because I bet you are learning Spanish as well :) Welcome!
  11. xsuperchick

    What did you learn today?

    I knew it! Peruvian Sign Language is similar to ASL -very similar! So that's why I guessed PRSL was kinda the same. So that mean I can sign PR too!? :O If that is, I learned today that I can sign Puerto Rican Sign Language :P
  12. xsuperchick

    Arranged Marriage

    my peruvian grandmother did while she was 16 with my irish grandpa who was 19...
  13. xsuperchick

    Calling all ladies! i need help to come up with a hair design for drumline girls

    I was going to suggest Mohawks (just got one last saturday :P) but I will shut up this time :P good luck with your dancing skills!
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    Your Opinions

    I sign BSL too yay :) learning though
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    Your Neighborhood

    Live next to a scammer (he's picture was on the newspapers) Live next to a musician and damn, I do feel the vibes :( Live next to the scammer's wife and she loves partying in her house with the door open every weekend Live in front of a catholic church, every sunday at 7 am... they just love...
  16. xsuperchick

    Recent Facebook spamming

    *1 message* yay! you won xxxxxxxxxxx dollars yaaaaaay I usually read them, imagine what I'd do with the money and then report them. I feel like Facebook Police :D it's kinda nice
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    Facebook me!(:

  18. xsuperchick

    Hello...EVERYONE =) Finally READY!

    Pereza :P good one! :P Welcome to AD! Have you ever tried learning Puerto Rican Sign Language? I think it's similar to ASL though x
  19. xsuperchick

    Hi...just found you guys!

    School teacher! aww <3 Welcome to AD!
  20. xsuperchick

    Hard of Hearing college student

    mainstream too but no CI or HA :P WELCOME