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  1. whiskeyonesix

    Paranormal, Ufo, And Unexplained

    I must admit I have never seen anything that I could not explain away. I am an absolute blank as regards the spirit world and other phenomena. I think you have to be the right sort of person to pick up on stuff like this, I know people back in England who talk to those who've passed on and see...
  2. whiskeyonesix

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) I think April o'Neill was sexier in the cartoons.
  3. whiskeyonesix

    Android Lollipop

    My HTC One M7 is running Lollipop 5.02. I like it, but it's a little laggy ( although phone is 2 years old now) Guess it's still settling in.....
  4. whiskeyonesix

    The Man Who Murdered Jeffrey Dahmer Speaks Out:

    Animals. No. Animals is the wrong word to use. Animals don't kill each other in cold blood and claim it as some form of revenge or retribution.
  5. whiskeyonesix

    What was the last movie you watched?

    "Pride" It's set during the Miners Strike in England and Wales in 1984-1985. It's one of those tragi-comic kitchen-sink dramas that we do well. You don't have to be LGBT, a raging Unionist, a Coalminer, Welsh, or English to watch it, but please do -it's very very good.
  6. whiskeyonesix

    Britain Duchess Kate of Cambridge is in labor

    Long names are nothing new. yrs, Thomas James David Yarnall.
  7. whiskeyonesix

    Hello from Australia

    welcome aboard!
  8. whiskeyonesix


    There's no lack of screenwriting talent or fresh ideas in the Film Making industry, it's just that the big studios know that franchises and blockbusters bring in the money. Here's a case..... Captain America:The Winter Soldier - was originally not a Marvel Universe film, but the script was...
  9. whiskeyonesix

    Plight of the Galgo <Spanish Greyhound>

    My wife and I do alot of work for a local Greyhound rescue organisation. The plight of the greyhound is indeed a sad one. There are calls for Dog Racing to be banned over here - in light of the recent live-baiting and animal cruelty revelations, but as long as it's still bringing in money...
  10. whiskeyonesix

    The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XVIII

    Was going to start a new thread with this, but I didn't think many of you guys would know who he was, but R.I.P. Sir Terry Pratchett :(
  11. whiskeyonesix

    Funny movie scenes you liked

    I can't find a clip anywhere, but that bit in Blazing Saddles when the new Sherriff is riding into Rock Ridge accompanied by the church bells.... you know the bit..... In fact, probably the whole movie :)
  12. whiskeyonesix

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Aw "50 Shades of grey"....... The General consensus is that the Director did the best she could with what she had to work with. I tried reading the book once and it made my brain cry. My Wife went to see that and even she said it was crap (still won't let me tie her up though )
  13. whiskeyonesix

    Australian Man Digs Up Massive Gold Nugget

    I know a couple of people over here that have done just that, but you have to be very very lucky - or just very very persistant. That guy has just netted about 2 years average wages. The 2 guys I know made a load of money during the last mining boom over here and have effectively retired...
  14. whiskeyonesix

    'Jihadi John' has been unmasked

    It's just going to be one extremist group after another. We had the PLO, the IRA, the Taleban ( who we supported against the USSR ) and now IS. I come from a Military background, but I wish we could all just get along peacefully for once.
  15. whiskeyonesix

    William Shatner Feels 'Awful' He's Unable To Attend Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

    I fel sorry he's dead. Now the Cylons will never know who killed Lukes father. LLAP. A sad loss.
  16. whiskeyonesix

    Harrison Ford injured in plane crash

    Looks like he didn't do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs this time.
  17. whiskeyonesix

    Anyone here plays video games?

    I've redefined my list... Skyrim...... and CivII. Occasionally TiE Fighter, Morrowind and DOOM. I don't think I'll ever need any other games. With the exception of Skyrim, they got those games right first time.
  18. whiskeyonesix

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Lockout. It's a Luc Besson film which means it'll be trashy, violent and entertaining. It's got Guy Pearce doing his best Bruce Willis impersonation ( which is actually better than Bruce himself! ) and it's got a tremendous witty script. Apart from that, it's your average sci-fi/action...
  19. whiskeyonesix

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Boxtrolls. I watched that, in fact I went out and bought it on DVD. I really liked it! I mean, it's sometimes grotesque, it's a little bit steampumk, and if you've got an allergy to cheese you'd better not watch it :) But, as my wife says "The naked Boxtrolls have got cute little bums!"...
  20. whiskeyonesix

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Expendables 3. As each actor goes, they're all individually great. Put them all together and it's just a bit crap. But good to see Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas back on the screen again! It's sad, but I think Sly Stallone is incapable of making a good film these days - when you...